Why Was It So Difficult To Scan A QR Code Before?

Since the pandemic forces people to adapt to a new way of interacting with individuals in a socially distanced circumstance, various contactless tools such as heat imaging systems, hands-free hand sanitary facilities, and others have become increasingly crucial post-pandemic living standards.

And as people walk through malls, restaurants, and parks, they will notice a recognizable patterned black and white square in every nook of these venues.

Many of them are puzzled about why these black-and-white photos are presented in places they usually congregate. However, tech-savvy individuals anticipate the usability of these images and enhance its non-contact perks for others who are new to this technology.

Why are QR codes being implemented and added now, even though the technology has been around for over 26 years?

Given the depths of technological innovation available today, the technology for generating and scanning a QR code is readily available online. And as a result of its accessibility, any user can select an advanced QR code generator online and generate a QR code appropriate for individual and commercial usage.

Why was it so difficult to scan a QR code in the past?

Because it was previously difficult to scan a QR code, here are some significant aspects that most people experienced in the past.

  1. Previously, technology was prohibitively expensive.
  2. People were given little to no information about QR codes.
  3. Before being able to scan a QR code, not all smartphone devices were capable of doing so.
  4. To scan one, people must first download an app.

QR code advancements and their uses today

People’s use of QR codes advances over time as scanning QR codes become faster and easier with QR code scanner integration into most modern smartphones today.

Because of the online availability of a QR code generator with logo software, its primary URL and text conversion capabilities have been modernized and equipped with the following helpful QR code uses today.

QR codes for restaurant menus

The use of menu QR codes in restaurants paved the way for the increased use of QR codes in many other parts of the world today.

Visit here :

Click here :

Visit this site :

Because of the popularity of this type of 2D barcodes in the excellent dining industry, more places are incorporating them into their operations and digitizing many functions in the process.

Instruct people to scan and check-in at stores and public places

Multiple facilities installed various contact tracing configurations in the new normal setup to recognize customers and visitors coming in and out of the facility.

And, because some contact tracing methods take longer because visitors must individually enter their details into a record book, business owners are now utilizing the use of QR codes to speed up their contact tracing actions by simply allowing them to obtain a check-in QR code to use and scan to get inside the establishment comfortably.

Simply scan the QR code to share files

Because the conversion means a QR code can go beyond the essential functions, people can now transform files into QR codes and insert them on print materials and static spaces for others to scan and view.

With PDF files being one of the most widely used file formats today, people are incorporating the use of a PDF QR code to insert this type of file and efficiently distribute it to their friends.

Allow people to watch videos conveniently by turning them into a QR code

Aside from encoding files into a QR code, people who share relevant data via video clip are also incorporating this QR code to make it easier for their audience to watch the full video without having to type in the video’s URL into their devices.


With the improving quality of QR codes in terms of their functions and integrations with other software, the QR code scanning system enhances and becomes more accessible.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, scanning QR codes have become more accessible, from traditional bulky image processing scanners to smartphone camera setup integration.

The difficulty in scanning a QR code previously is eliminated with innovative technical integration of the QR code scanning tech that individuals are constantly instituting by just one scan through their smartphone camera. Because of the excellent makeover QR code scanners have had over the past years, scanning QR codes today becomes easier and more convenient.

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