What Offences Go On Criminal Records?

Criminal records are national databases that provide records of arrests and prosecutions of a person’s whole criminal history. The database contains information regarding all of your convictions, findings of guilt, sentencing, records if you have been found driving whilst disqualified, as well as any jail periods and court fines that have been forced upon you by the court.

Appearing in court for a criminal offence can be a very intimidating encounter. It can have a very consequential outcome, especially when your liberty is at risk. Being charged with a criminal offence requires great knowledge and expert legal advice in order to get the best possible results. No matter your situation, criminal law firms in Sydney are able to help you with anything from domestic violence to murder. Here are offences that will appear on your criminal record along with penalties that coincide with such crimes:

Drug Offences

Australian courts take drug offences very seriously. Various drug offences that can appear on your criminal record include:

  • Drug Possession

Drug possession is considered as a minor offence compared to other drug-related offences. However, the aftermath of sentencing can still have a harmful effect on the accused family, lifestyle and job.

  • Drug Supply

Supply of an illicit drug is a criminal offence and is determined as a person who bestows or intentionally takes part in the supply of a prohibited substance.

  • Drug Manufacture

The manufacture of a prohibited drug stands as the operation of extracting or filtering an illegal drug. Courts within NSW consider drug manufacturing to be a momentous criminal offence.

  • Drug Importation

Drug importation is deemed one of the most severe offences concerning all drug charges. It is defined as an individual who imports or exports a prohibited substance that is either a border controlled drug or plant.

There are numerous penalties depending on the severity or type of drug offence you are charged with. Fines can range from as little as $2,200 up to $550,000 and can attract maximum penalties of 2 years imprisonment, all the way up to life imprisonment.

Assault and Violent Offences

A person who causes intentional and reckless attacks against another individual is considered to be partaking in a criminal offence. From common assault and assaulting or hindering police to attacks causing bodily harm and malicious damage, assault charges are a very frequent matter approached by the criminal justice system.

Murder and Manslaughter

An act that concludes in the death of an individual is granted as a homicide. Homicides are classified into two categories; murder and manslaughter. Within the Australian Courts, homicide is observed as the most severe criminal offence. Both murder and manslaughter can carry maximum penalties of 25 years imprisonment.


Robbery is a criminal offence where force or a threat of force is utilised to steal anything of value, causing the victim to be in fear. In the NSW court system, more than half of robbery offences conclude in a full-time custodial order where offenders are sentenced to custody in either a prison or other closed therapeutic or educational institution.

Break and Enter

Crimes such as breaking and entering, receiving stolen goods, stealing motor vehicles or possessing housebreaking material are all criminal offences that can appear on your criminal record. Significant penalties can be attracted, from as little as a $500 fine to a maximum sentence of 25 years imprisonment.

Sexual and Indecent Assault

Over the last couple of years in NSW, acts of indecency and sexual assault have risen. Sexual assault can carry sentences of up to 14 years imprisonment. However, in certain instances, the court can consider the accused’s character, criminal history and individual circumstances to determine if a less significant penalty such as good behaviour bonds or community service orders is appropriate.

Extortion and Kidnapping

Such offences are less common compared to other crimes. Although, Courts take such matters of extortion and kidnapping very earnestly. An individual who intentionally sends or delivers a document that is deliberately threatening to kill or cause bodily harm can be accountable for imprisonment for 10 years. On the other hand, standard kidnapping offences can attract maximum penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment. If, however, you are found guilty of inflicting bodily harm on the victim, you can receive up to 25 years imprisonment.

Domestic Violence and AVO

Domestic violence is committed when an individual of a family has threatened or acted violently towards another family member, causing them to be fearful. Depending on the severity of the domestic offence committed, penalties can range from a simple fine to a jail sentence. If an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) is admitted, it does not simply appear on the defendant’s criminal record, but it does mean that strict conditions have to be adhered to avoid certain charges.


Fraud is accounted as deceit misconduct performed to gain an unfair advantage. From larceny, embezzlement and forgery, there are numerous acts that are treated as fraudulent activity in NSW. Very few offenders who are found guilty receive a full-time custodial order in the form of imprisonment, while many encounter monetary fines or non-custodial punishments.

Firearms and Weapons

Firearm offences that will appear on your criminal record include unauthorised possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm in a public place. Unauthorised possession of weapons has the most significant penalties concerning all firearm charges. Illegal possession can have consequences of imprisonment for 5 years. Although, in the instance that the unauthorised firearm was used in aggravated circumstances, offenders can reach up to 20 years imprisonment.


Acts of terrorism can be defined as deliberate violence to attempt a financial, political or religious agenda. It is used to produce fright and terror among a mass of individuals in society. The Australian Government takes hold of terrorism proceedings vigorously, hence why jail sentences are highly likely in these cases.

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