What Do React Developers Make?

Getting an idea of how much a React developer makes might be useful if you are planning on making a career in the programming field. This article will provide you with a list of the average salaries of React developers in the US, UK, India, and Eastern Europe.

The average salary of a React developer in the US

Depending on your location, company, and job role, the average salary of a React developer in the US can vary. A good starting salary for a junior developer is approximately $55,000 per year. Experience and skills are also important factors in determining salary.

Senior React developers typically command higher salaries than entry-level developers. They can earn up to $125,500 per year. A senior React developer is likely to be familiar with cloud platforms, third-party integrations, and user experience design. They also need to have a strong working knowledge of API data fetching and class and functional components.

The pay of a React developer can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project Larger companies tend to pay more than smaller firms. This is because larger companies typically have more developers working on a project. In addition, larger companies usually have higher benefits and bonuses.

Salary sites can be a great way to learn more about the average salary for a React developer in the US. They offer salary information based on years of experience, the technology used, years of education, frameworks, and geographic location. Some sites even allow users to compare earnings predictions based on specific technologies.

ZipRecruiter and Indeed provide salary data for React developers. The data comes from a survey of tens of thousands of developers. They also provide a salary calculator that allows users to refine results by the technology used, years of education, and city.

Glassdoor also provides salary data for React developers. Their salary calculator provides averages for React developer jobs in a variety of cities. They also provide a list of top-paying cities for React developers. In May 2022, Glassdoor reported that there were about 19,000 React developer jobs available.

Whether you are hiring a React developer for your company or looking for a freelance React developer, it’s important to understand the average salary for React developers in the US. You’ll want to prepare to offer a competitive salary to your candidate to help you attract top talent. You may also want to consider supplemental pay, which could include bonuses, commissions, or profit sharing.

The average salary of a React developer in the UK

Whether you’re just starting as a React developer or looking to switch careers, the salary you can expect to earn will depend on your experience and location. Having a React developer’s salary information at your fingertips can help you make the most of your professional development and job opportunities.

The most common salary for React developers in the UK is between 35,000 and 82,500 GBP a year. However, some companies may offer a higher salary than the average for this position. Some employers may even offer supplemental pay for things such as bonuses and profit sharing. Regardless of where you live, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a competitive salary for your React skills.

While the cost of living in Tel Aviv is lower than that of some other cities, it isn’t significantly lower. This makes it a popular destination for tech workers. Many of the largest tech companies in the world have locations there. In addition, there are also many startups in the city, making it a great place to start a career.

If you’re looking to get a React Developer’s salary, you should make sure you have a portfolio of work to show prospective employers. Highlight your best work. React developers may also be able to get professional certificates in web development.

React developers will be responsible for creating user interface components for websites and applications. They can work in-house or on a freelance basis. Depending on your experience, you may be able to work remotely. This may make your React salary higher. If you have the skill set to work remotely, make sure you communicate that skill set to prospective employers.

The average salary for React developers is approximately $136,066 a year. However, the highest-paid React developer in the UK makes 137,500 GBP. The salaries for junior and mid-level React developers are lower than the average. The lowest-paying React Developers earn less than 35,000 GBP per year.

The salary of a React developer in the UK also varies depending on the location. The best salary is in San Francisco, where the majority of the largest tech companies have locations.

Average salary of a React developer in India

Among all the frontend technologies, React is the most popular and is a widely used framework in the web development industry. It is a JavaScript library that allows developers to independently create and publish applications. It has been adopted by many of the largest tech companies in India.

A React developer is responsible for designing the user interface of a website or application. This type of developer uses a variety of open-source tools to do the job. A React developer can work independently or on a team. The salary range for a React developer depends on a variety of factors.

As more developers start using React, the salary is likely to increase. In addition to this, the number of job openings is also on the rise. The demand for front-end developers is increasing rapidly as more apps are being developed.

Experience is also a factor in the salary structure. More senior React developers tend to command a higher salary than entry-level ones. A React developer with five years of experience can expect to earn $84,145, while an expert-level developer with fifteen years of experience can earn $118,432.

A React developer’s salary may vary based on the organization, location, and job function. However, the average salary for a React developer in India ranges from Rs 4.5 Lakhs to Rs 12 Lakhs. This figure is derived from the salaries of 661 React developers as rated by Glassdoor.

In addition to the salary, a React developer’s skill set is also important. In addition to being proficient in the programming language, the developer needs to possess fundamental practical language knowledge. The ability to communicate well also helps in getting paid more.

It is also a good idea to learn about frameworks and programming languages since these are frequently used on the job. Using these tools will help a React developer achieve more than a simple application. A React developer must be willing to learn new processes and tools to succeed in the job.

A React developer’s salary is likely to increase as more and more companies are using this framework. React developers are in high demand and are paid well. A React developer may earn anywhere from $63,473 for an entry-level job to $18,00,000 for a senior position.

The average salary of a React developer in Eastern Europe

Depending on where you are working, the average salary for a React developer can vary considerably. Eastern Europe offers a big IT talent pool and reasonable prices. A React developer in Eastern Europe can earn anywhere from $52,750 to $109,398+ a year.

If you are looking for an entry-level developer, you can make anywhere from $63,473 to $18,227 a year. A mid-level developer can earn $53,250 to $95,500 a year. A senior developer can earn $110,000 to $125,500 a year. If you are interested in a career as a React Native developer, you can make as much as $287,000 a year.

Eastern Europe shares similar development rates to South America. However, salaries are much lower than in the United States. A full-stack React developer can earn as much as $56,000 a year in Rotterdam and $71,750 in Oslo.

A middle front-end React developer can earn as much as $53,250 a year in Gothenburg. Similarly, a full-stack developer with React knowledge can earn as much as $71,750 in Bergen and $101,500 in Rotterdam.

Eastern Europe borders Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey. These countries all have a great IT talent pool and reasonable prices. A React programmer works on interactive user interface components and maintains documentation. They brainstorm with other departments to improve software performance.

A React developer can work in any industry. React is the ideal tool for building interactive user interfaces. React is also simple to learn.

Hiring a React developer is a winning move for your company. It can help save weeks of development time. But finding a good developer isn’t always easy. The market is competitive and hiring a developer can be expensive. To make your search easier, check out these salary sites. These sites provide information about years of experience, geography, programming languages, frameworks, and earnings predictions.


A React developer can earn as much as $115,500 a year in the United States. This salary range is based on information from ZipRecruiter. It is one of the best sources for average annual pay for React developers in the U.S.

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