What Are Environmental Factors?

An environmental factor (also known as an ecological factor) is anything that affects living organisms. This includes abiotic and biotic factors. The abiotic factors include the ambient temperature, sunlight exposure, and pH of soil and water. The biologic factors are the varying amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other trace elements in the atmosphere. Abiotic factors are a natural part of any ecosystem. However, they are often overlooked.

Toxins and pathogens

In contrast, environmental factors can be influenced by genetics. They can be affected by stress, physical and mental abuse, diet, and exposure to various toxins and pathogens. In addition, exposure to chemicals in personal care products may have a direct effect on the development of disease. Studies have identified specific environmental factors that have been proven to contribute to the development of many common diseases, such as asthma and autism. These factors also influence how people live and work. You can visit this fotolognews to get the latest news and also find out the world update breaking news of all time on mikandi.

Smog and other pollutants

Although these factors may not be completely causal, they do affect a person’s health. This includes exposure to harmful pollutants and poor housing conditions. A business owner must consider these factors when developing a strategy. For instance, the environment in which a company operates can impact the performance of a company. The environment in which the business operates affects the quality of its operations. A city can be plagued by smog and other pollutants.

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