Trucking Accident: Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The trucking industry is at the heart of any economy. The conveyance of goods across states keeps everything running. Nonetheless, trucks, when involved in accidents, almost always end up with catastrophic damage. This is considering the size and weight, especially when fully loaded. Unlike other auto accidents like sedans or motorcycles, trucks cause significant force, and even without apparent injuries, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides seeking immediate medical attention, consulting an Indiana personal injury attorney is necessary to help you take the next steps and secure fair compensation.

Being in an accident is traumatizing, and enlisting an attorney’s services may not be on top of your mind. Nonetheless, before you start filing the claim, taking advantage of the free consultation that attorneys offer is critical. This can help you establish if your claim has merit or if you should take the first firm offer the trucking business or insurance company offers.

Besides the consultations, hiring an Indiana personal injury attorney when dealing with trucking accidents is also recommendable, especially considering the complexities involved, even when the accident seems straightforward. Among the top reasons to enlist an attorney’s services to include:

Hold every responsible party to account

Unlike other traffic accidents, where the other driver is usually the only liable party, trucking incidents may include multiple parties. This is among the complexities that make the process overwhelming for many, forcing them to only settle for lower compensation from one party. In trucking accidents, the responsible parties can include the driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer, or government entities, to name a few.

Ensuring every party is held accountable increases the chances of landing better compensation. However, this is not always easy. The trucking business, for instance, is protected by a team of attorneys, meaning they can easily overpower you and see you settling for a lowball offer. Besides difficulty establishing fault, reaching such a business can be hectic. Moreover, considering your full schedule and recovery process, it can prove to be a frustrating experience.

The best Indiana personal injury attorney evens the playing field. Their experience and expertise give them an edge, ensuring every liable party is uncovered and held accountable. They’ll thoroughly investigate the accident, determine the parties that should be included in the compensation claim, file it before the statute of limitations expiry, and push them to ensure you receive the compensation within a reasonable period.

Manage the negotiations

Trucks are bigger, and so are the companies and most liable parties involved. This means keeping up with the negotiations can get the better of you since you could be dealing with a team of intimidating attorneys, adjusters, and insurance companies, among other parties. A common mistake many defendants make is settling for the first offer presented. This is more so since you could be approached with what seemingly looks like an incredible compensation package, packaged with empathy for your situation.

Trucking businesses and insurance companies are in the business of making money, not giving it out. When you are approached with such high numbers, chances are that your case has merit, and they realize how much you can get. In an attempt to close the claim as quickly as possible and at the least possible amount, you’ll be approached and offered such compensation. The negotiations can also be fast-tracked to trick you into thinking they want to settle the claim quickly so you can get back to your life.

Here is the bottom line; the offer may seem irresistible only because it covers all your medical expenses and leaves you with some cash. Nonetheless, this is likely not close to what you can get if you put on your negotiation gloves. You may be afraid to go head to head with the big players, especially since they can hit you with legal and business terminologies you may hardly understand. This doesn’t mean you should give in; the best Indiana personal injury attorney won’t be intimidated and can efficiently negotiate and land a better offer.

Your counter offers, accounting for more than the economic losses, give your claim an edge. The attorney will ensure that your pain, suffering, and emotional anguish are factored in when making the counteroffer. Other aspects like the impacted quality of life and punitive damages are also included, ensuring you get a comprehensive counteroffer for maximum personal injury compensation. Attorneys are experienced negotiators and, with their legal and personal injury understanding, will handle the process and deliver better results than you would get doing it on your own.

Court representation

Arbitration or mediation processes could be enough to handle personal injury claims. Nonetheless, out-of-court settlements aren’t always possible. If your claim goes to court, you’ll need the right strategy to ensure the judge and jury are convinced enough to offer the maximum compensation. Developing the right argument and sticking to the points may seem easy, but not when you are doing it in court.

Your emotional attachment to the case means your objectivity is not at its best. You can easily be irritated and deviate from the argument, giving your case a significant blow. This is where an Indiana personal injury attorney comes in. Their experience and expertise in navigating the court process will help you build and present your case well. They’ll objectively argue the case based on the findings from the evidence collected, helping tip the judge and jury in your favor.

The attorneys will aggressively represent you in court while helping you focus on your recovery since you won’t have to worry about missing court dates or evidence collection, among other concerns. Remember, the trucking company will be represented by a team of attorneys. As such, having one by your side also helps even the playing field. This gives you an advantage as you navigate the court proceedings.

While not as common as other traffic incidents, truck accidents can leave you traumatized. You could incur significant injuries, some that could see you bedridden, others even death. Regardless of the impact, filing a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations expiry is crucial, ensuring you fight for fair compensation. Enlisting the services of an experienced and reputable attorney may not be at the top of your mind. Still, it is critical to help you navigate the complexities of dealing with multiple parties, legal, and business concerns, just to name a few elements involved in trucking.

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