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Top Kitchen Designs of 2022

The kitchen is one home area that gets a lot of attention, meaning you should think through its design correctly. In 2022, kitchen designs aim at matching personal tastes and specific needs or better functionality. Although you may have the liberty to get creative during kitchen remodeling, you need an expert’s help to revitalize the space. Here are some kitchen design trends that can transform your kitchen in 2022.


Sustainable living has been popular throughout the 21st century, and it will continue in the foreseeable future. Your kitchen design should focus on sustainability to create a unique end product.

Settle for eco-friendly products to meet the sustainability goal. Here are some sustainable kitchen upgrades perfect for your remodeling plan:

  • Install kitchen floor options like glass, concrete, cork, bamboo, and linoleum.
  • Upgrade the windows to improve energy efficiency
  • Use eco-friendly paint
  • Work with recycled material
  • Use energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • Reface the cabinetry to match timeless designs

Modern Country Style

Modern kitchen designs can be overwhelming, so more homeowners add a rustic touch to them. Mixing the contemporary and country-inspired styles is fast becoming a trend. This design creates a bespoke and stylish design, making the kitchen feel timeless.

You can experiment with different materials for a truly innovative and unique kitchen design. For example, materials like brickwork and exposed beams create the perfect contrast between classic and contemporary designs.

Patterned Tiles

Tiling the kitchen floor and backsplashes is one contemporary design slowly making a comeback in 2022. The design is becoming popular because more people are interested in patterned tiles. Patterned tile designs add character to your floors or surfaces, preventing them from looking plain and dull.

The vast array of tile patterns allows you to choose unique colors and shades you are interested in. An expert will help you select a hue that complements the home’s design for the ultimate look.

Homeowners also adopt patterned stone for the countertop or kitchen island. The patterns occur naturally in veined marble slabs, offering a stunning and luxurious look once installed. Patterns help break the monotony of monochromatic kitchen designs or colors.

Softer Shapes

Today, shape forms are a defining factor in kitchen design; homeowners choose softer shapes to add elegance to the kitchen. For example, rounder corners can be aesthetically appealing instead of rectangular shapes that create abrupt stops.

Besides the appeal, softer shapes feel ergonomic and create a sophisticated and luxurious feel. They are also safer to use since they reduce the risk of accidents that pointy edges expose your household to.

Rounder edges also apply to kitchen furniture like chairs and fixtures such as cabinet handles. Unlike long, narrow tables, a curved seating area can make the kitchen more sociable.

Outdoor Smart Kitchens

Smart tech in homes is a trend you should hop on since it improves aesthetics and functionality. Kitchen smart tech does not only feature well in indoor spaces; people are now using them outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens allow you to cook in an open space while enjoying incredible outdoor views. Incorporating the smart features makes the outdoor kitchen feel like an extension of your home.

Some smart controls that homeowners enjoy in smart outdoor kitchens include:

  • Wi-Fi-enabled grills and smokers – perfect for BBQs since you can set cooking specifications from your phone.
  • Wireless controlled heating – you can control smart heaters and fire pits from your phone.
  • Integrated and weather-resistant entertainment – Smart TVs and AV systems connected to your chosen streaming service.
  • Ambient lighting – incorporating ambient LED lighting improves aesthetics and introduces efficiency within the kitchen.

Having a Pantry

One of the best on-trend storage solutions for modern kitchens is having a pantry. A proper design pantry offers multipurpose storage, perfect for dried foods and kitchen gadgets. The pantry must be hidden to make the kitchen space look modern and leave adequate usable kitchen space.

If you have a large kitchen, you can plan for a walk-in pantry to get more storage space. The pantry can also help keep the clutter out of sight, allowing the kitchen to retain appeal.

Invisible Kitchen

With most homeowners trying to make the home more functional, they opt for invisible kitchen designs. As the name suggests, invisible kitchens incorporate a modern design that eliminates all visual evidence. The use of clever storage solutions makes the design ideal for smaller kitchen spaces. Every kitchen item and appliance are hidden away, allowing open-plan kitchen spaces to blend in with the rest of the home.

Designers use flat panels that do not have handles to hide away everything. Such panels blend in with surfaces and cabinets, leaving guests clueless about what lurks within. The mysterious nature of invisible kitchens makes them perfect for minimalist living.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Expert

The most in-trend kitchen designs in 2022, from sustainable living to having an invisible kitchen, can improve appeal. Such designs can be hard to pull off on your own, so you need an expert to get the job done. Find a kitchen remodeling expert to help revitalize your space, leaving you with a timeless finish.

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