The Three Stages of Life

The first stage of life is childhood. However, as children grow older, they begin to explore their world more and become independent. This time is known as the teen years. They are also the most eager to meet new people and try out new things. As they enter adulthood, they are likely to make a lot of mistakes and find that there are many limitations to their lives. This stage is often considered the most exciting as young adults tend to experience a lot of fun.


Throughout childhood, children develop symbolic thought as they move from concrete to abstract thinking. They are highly dependent on other people to survive. Their only needs are food, sleep, and protection. As they grow older, they learn how to solve problems, build friendships, and develop motor skills. Eventually, they begin to learn how to make decisions on their own, and will start to think more about how to behave in different situations. The first stage is called the preconventional stage and lasts for a year.

Preoperative stage

The second stage is the preoperative stage. This is when children learn symbolic thought and progresses from concrete to abstract thinking. At this stage, children are very clingy and are often full of imaginary friends. In the concrete operational stage, they begin to solidify their abstract thinking by understanding cause and effect and the logical consequences of their actions. The third and final phase of the life cycle is known as the formal operational stage, and it is the period between adolescence and adulthood.

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