The Influence of Environmental Factors on Health

Throughout human history, environmental factors have played a critical role in determining human health and disease. They are multidimensional and operate across a number of domains. These factors are also diverse in their effect on different populations. In the 21st century, research on the influence of environmental factors on health is growing rapidly. The role of environmental factors in the development of disease is becoming more clear and more comprehensive, and there are now numerous studies demonstrating this.


Environmental factors can affect a person’s health and wellbeing in many ways. They can influence human performance and the physical structure of the body. The International Classification of Functioning and Disability (ICF) has been developed to describe environmental factors. The National Health Information Management Group has also endorsed the ICF and NHIS in 2002. These are the foundations for developing countries’ health data and a comprehensive understanding of these factors. These factors can influence the success of a company’s marketing efforts and can affect the bottom line.

To prevent disease

Environmental factors can have a significant impact on the health of a community. Air pollution and litter can negatively impact a community’s health and make people less likely to engage in physical activity. In addition, a poorly maintained road can cause more car accidents. Improper sanitation infrastructure may increase the incidence of disease. A variety of lifestyle factors are also considered important. In a country with a low-income economy, it is crucial to address environmental issues in order to prevent disease and maximize the profits.

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