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Founded in 2005, Toronto-based TealBook has been developing a powerful web-based enterprise document management solution that helps companies to manage their documents. Known for its streamlined workflows, TealBook has become a popular choice for companies that are looking for a more efficient way to store and manage their documents. Its partnerships with SAP and other leading enterprise applications allow it to easily integrate into organizations’ existing workflows.

About TealBook

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, TealBook enables organizations to gather, understand, and integrate supplier data. In doing so, they uncover insights into their supplier base that may not otherwise have been visible. These insights enable companies to achieve their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. They also enhance the value of existing supply chain management software such as Oracle and SAP.

In the last year, TealBook has increased its growth dramatically, acquiring new customers and expanding into new sectors. They have also increased their employee count by about 130. This is a result of their efforts to scale their product. Their customers include Dropbox, GSK, and the University of Virginia. They also announced formal partnerships with software providers such as Workday, Ivalua, and GEP.

The company also partnered with S&P Global, which is an international financial information and data company. The TealBook platform is also used by many Fortune 500 organizations.

Partners with SAP

Using AI and ML, TealBook captures and enhances supplier data. The platform is used by procurement teams to gain a holistic view of their suppliers and base. The company claims to capture information that changes frequently. TealBook provides a variety of data points, including certification information and financial information. It also offers supplier diversity data, which is integrated with SAP Ariba.

With the funding, TealBook will continue to expand its team and speed up its data roadmap. It also plans to introduce new partnerships and integrate its platform with e-procurement solutions. It recently announced partnerships with Workday, EcoVadis, and Ivalua.

The company’s partnership with SAP is part of its SAP PartnerEdge program, which provides support and enablement tools to help customers work more effectively with SAP. The program also helps customers find tools that are compatible with SAP systems. In addition, customers can find products in the online SAP Store.

The company plans to expand its team to fuel global growth. It recently hired Ned May to join its board of directors. The company has also secured funding from investors including Ten Coves Capital, Grand Ventures, and S&P Global.

Founder’s personal experience

Founder and CEO Stephany Lapierre is the brains behind the TealBook platform, a supplier data intelligence platform designed to help procurement and e-procurement professionals make data-driven decisions. With the right data, they can increase reach, lower administrative costs, and make better use of their time and resources. TealBook has a pair of cloud-based products, the first being a data-enriching platform to provide buyers and suppliers with the best data available. The other is an AI-powered extractor.

The TealBook platform is designed to be a stand-alone solution or an extension of existing ERP and e-procurement solutions. It helps buyers find the best possible suppliers for the lowest prices while minimizing the number of vendors and the cost of recurring services. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate large amounts of supplier data. In the process, the company is able to improve the accuracy of supplier data and reduce the cost of self-updated portals.

Company’s growth trajectory

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