Stretch mark removal: Treatments and home remedies

The largest organ in the body, the skin, has the extraordinary capacity to expand and compress as necessary.

Although the skin is resilient and elastic, its supporting tissues are susceptible to harm if they are stretched too quickly or far.

Stretch marks may result from the skin’s accelerated expansion. Pregnancy can cause stretch marks in up to 90% of women. Stretch marks, however, can impact people of almost all ages and skin types.

They frequently happen at times of development and physical change, such as puberty, major weight gain, and extreme muscular building.

What does a stretch mark exactly mean?

a lady’s belly stretch marks

Stretch marks fade over time, but therapy may reduce their visibility more quickly.

When the skin is stretched or contracts quickly and then a certain kind of mark known as the stretch mark develops. Elastin and collagen, both of that support our skin, break as a result of the abrupt changes. The appearance of stretch marks can occur as the skin heals. 

The fine lines on the skin aren’t visible everywhere. Hormone fluctuation is one of the causes. Your risk is higher if you’ve got the lineage of relatives with stretch marks.

Stretch marks tend to show in the following time frames:

During puberty, there is rapid growth spurts.


Loss or gain in weight can happen suddenly.

The muscles you lift when you are growing rapidly

Stretch marks can also appear because of long-term corticosteroid treatment onto the skin. The appearance of stretch marks can be a sign that you suffer from Marfan condition or Cushing’s Disease.

The hue of your skin stretch marks can be purple, red or pink, as well as reddish-brown and dark brown. The first stretch marks may cause itching and appear to be higher. 

The color changes as time passes and the thin lines slowly sink into your skin. The stretch marks that are mature usually triggers a slight depressive reaction when it is touched.


Stretch marks result of stretching the skin. The genetics of your family and the amount of tension in the skin are two factors that can affect the severity of stretch marks. The level of hormone cortisol can also be crucial. The elastic fibers of the skin are weaker due to cortisol, a hormone that is created from the adrenal glands.

hazard elements

Everyone can develop stretch marks, but certain circumstances increase the likelihood that you will develop them, for example:

being a woman

you have stretch marks either personally or within your family

rapid growth during adolescence when pregnant, particularly if still young.

gaining or losing weight quickly

Corticosteroid use

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery

exercising while using anabolic steroids

being a victim of a genetic disorder such as Marfan cushing’s or Marfan

What are the best ways to be done to get rid of stretch marks?

There’s some hope of diminishing the appearance of stretch marks with procedures provided by plastic surgeons.

While no treatment has been proved to be efficient for all however, many people have success with the following treatments.


There isn’t a lot of evidence of the fact that the tretinoin (retinoic acid) is effective in the body, a cream containing 0.1 percent tretinoin was discovered to decrease the appearance of stretch marks in a recent study.

Tretinoin, commonly referred to by the brand name Retin-A can cause negative effects such as the peeling of skin and redness.It does not recommend women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Tretinoin has the ability to rejuvenate collagen by penetrating the skin’s top layer and this is the reason it can help stretch marks.

Only patients with an approved prescription can buy tretinoin. Patients should seek treatment promptly as it is believed to be most effective on newly formed stretch marks.

Tretinoin may not be beneficial when the marks have changed to silver or white.

Light therapy or laser therapy

One of the newest methods for treating stretch marks that has been proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks can be laser treatment.

Stretch marks look more attractive by using pulsed dye lasers or intense pulsed light. they also can create more collagen as time passes.

The procedures will be carried out by a cosmetic, plastic dermatologist.

The appearance of stretch marks can be significantly improved the use of light therapy or lasers According to American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS).

Be sure to consult an expert in medicine who is certified and licensed.

To see an improvement of 20-60% in stretch marks, one might require up to 20 treatments. The cost of treatment may be substantial.

ultrasonic platelet-rich plasma.

The utilization of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to rejuvenate skin and improve collagen synthesis has gained popularity. The patient’s blood is utilized for PRP treatment prior to the procedure.

According to a study that was published within the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy PRP therapy in conjunction with ultrasound machines could be a viable method for treating stretch mark.

Over 70% of those who participated reported that their appearance was been improved, from “excellent” or “very good”.

Stretch marks can be treated naturally.

Stretch mark creams are easy to apply skin care products that help reduce stretch marks and promote the growth of your skin. There are many things to think about when selecting the right stretch mark lotion. The most effective stretch mark creams need to contain organic, chemical-free, natural and gluten-free ingredients. StretcHeal reviews indicate that consumers are satisfied with the brand. Read stretch mark creams for pregnancy reviews at brandsreviews.

  1. Vitamin A

Retinoid is the term used to describe vitamin A found in skin care products. Retinoids can give skin a smoother, younger appearance. Many over-the-counter (OTC) topical cosmetic products contain them.

  1. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a good way to keep your skin moist and helps it heal. It is often found in lotions, creams, and serums.

Stretch marks may cause small, visible changes to your skin. Because of these changes, the skin’s elasticity goes down, mostly because collagen isn’t strengthening the skin like it usually does.

According to a 2014 study from a reliable source, hyaluronic acids could affect how flexible skin is.

  1. Centella This plant Centella Asiatica is an popular ingredient in the K-beauty (Korean cosmetics) products.

These products contain Centella also known in the form of cica creams, are sometimes used to treat wounds, or to soothe and soothe the skin’s delicateness. In the US the use of cica creams is getting more and more popular but they can also be costly.

Centella helps to promote collagen growth and decreases inflammation. The use of lotions containing centella can help prevent stretch marks that occur during pregnancy and may improve the appearance of stretch marks according to research published in 2015 by Trusted Source. There is more evidence to support this according to the researchers.

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been used for a long time as a natural way to treat skin problems. It is suggested that the gel inside the plant be used to calm and hydrate the skin.

Based on research done in 2018, Aloe vera is thought to make it easier for the skin to heal from cuts and burns. Stretch marks are scars that form on skin that has been hurt. Since aloe can help repair skin, it may help prevent or lessen these marks.There is no scientific evidence that aloe vera can help with stretch marks, but pure aloe vera can heal and soothe skin, so it might be worth a try.

After you take a bath every day, put on pure aloe vera from a plant or a lotion made for stretch marks.

Home remedies

lemon juice

Lemon juice effectively reduces the visibility due to its natural bleaching properties. For best results, rub the lemon wedge cut into slices on your marks, or use fresh lemon juice on a daily basis.

Egg white

Egg white is considered to be a fantastic food for skin health since it’s loaded with amino acids and proteins. Egg white can assist to reduce stretch marks, while making the skin tighter when applied to stretch marks.

Potato juice

Since potatoes are rich in starch and other enzymes for skin lightening They are often employed to eliminate blemishes, spots and other imperfections off the skin. If they are used often it lightens the skin, and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Black tea

Many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12, which helps in regulating skin pigmentation are present within black tea. To reduce stretch marks make sure to boil a few teaspoons of black tea, and then add salt to it. Apply the mixture on the areas after it has cooled then repeat the process until the marks have disappeared.

How do you prevent stretch marks?

  1. Consuming 8-10 glasses of water a daily will prevent stretchmarks, by keeping the skin soft and supple, and recovering its elasticity. In addition to drinking enough water, make sure to moisturize and scrub your skin. To fight off free radicals, you should include vitamin C-rich foods in on your diet including raw cabbage, berries fruit with citrus, such as kiwi fruits melons, peas peppers and pineapples, broccoli tomatoes, spinach and turnips. Additionally, foods rich of omega-3 fats like the flax seed, chia seed cod liver, walnuts and soybeans, as well as beef, tofu, shrimps, and cauliflower are also good for preventing stretch marks.


stretch mark creams to help you get pregnant reviews

Mustela Stretch Marks Cream

The dermatologist-recommended cream from Mustela is paraben-, phthalate-, and phenoxyethanol-free. Since it has 96 % plant-based ingredients, like avocado oil, polyphenols of passion fruit, peptides and witch hazel extract, it’s not unexpected that this product is EWG certified.

The appearance of stretch marks is allegedly reduced appearing less obvious and their elasticity enhanced by this supple cream, which leaves you with smooth, soft skin. Most expecting parents love this cream, however there are some who caution even though it is claimed to be “fragrance-free,” it actually does have an aroma.

Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

Our top pick is Burt’s bees Mama Bee Tummy Butter, designed to nourish your stomach both during and after pregnancy. It is specifically designed for women who are pregnant and who are going through postpartum. You’re looking for a stretch mark cream that is safe and effective, as well as other features such as enhanced moisturizing, a pleasing scent and ease of use are a welcome addition. Burt’s Bees is a well-known name and you can count on it to deliver the results it claims to provide.

Use this cream to hydrate your skin naturally by using shea, cocoa and jojoba oil, or apply the natural, 99 percent belly butter to relax and soothe the skin when it is healing from the effects of pregnancy. 3

The formula of the lotion is non-irritating and is free of harmful substances such as phthalates, parabens petrolatum, and SLS which means it won’t cause irritation to your baby’s delicate nose if you’re currently expecting. If you’re in search of your first product to try and you’re looking for a good starting point with more than 3,000 customer reviews.


  • Fragrance-Free
  • Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Deeply moisturizing

Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil is one of the most popular products for those who prefer an oil instead of a cream to treat or prevent stretch marks. It can be applied on your entire body since it’s been dermatologist-tested and scientifically proven to not just heal stretch marks, but also improve dull aged, dull skin. 4

Bio-Oil is an amalgamation of oils that provides water to your skin that allows you to stretch it as your stomach expands and aids in post-partum repair of your skin.

It worked for them during their pregnancy, which is why they continue to apply the bottles that lasts for a long time and afterward, according to the reviews. A few have complained that the application can be messy as it’s an oil.


  • Reducing the visible appearance marks that have matured and marks
  • The oils are nourishing and can help reduce dryness and inflammation
  • Ideal for all skin types

StretcHeal Stretch Mark Cream

Removes the appearance of scars and stretch marks while preventing the formation of new marks

Hydrates and conditions the skin using proven ingredients like squalane, shea butter, cocoa butter avocado oil, hyaluronic Acid argan oil, Apricot oil

A specific blend of peptides includes palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7and palmitoyl tri and palmitoyl tripeptide-5. They aid in elasticity and protection of the skin

Perfect as a stretch mark cream to help with pregnancy it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks prior to delivery.

helps reduce your appearance and look of cellulite, while creating a slimming effect for areas with unwanted bumps and lumps. It tightens the appearance of sagging or loose skin.


  • Hormone-free
  • Vegan
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Pregnancy safe

 What is the StretcHeal Stretch Mark Cream?

Whatever the reason the stretch marks are always an issue and are usually difficult to treat. The luxurious cream known as The StretcHeal stretch mark cream is capable of reducing the appearance and visible of stretch marks as described in StretcHeal Stretch mark cream review. Contrary to other creams that treat stretch marks which target stretch marks, the StretcHeal cream targets the reason for stretch marks, and aids them fight back against their formation, making this product a two-in-one treatment. StretcHeal reviews show that the brand is very popular with its customers.

Stretch marks can be seen at any age and are important to keep in mind in the current beauty-focused world. Training or lifting weights and growing muscle mass can result in stretch marks. They’re often linked to pregnancy too. They are generally hailed by mothers everywhere as a proud proof that you have been capable of growing into a complete human being within you. That’s great! If you’re happy with the stretch marks on your body, show them proudly. If we’re real it’s not everybody’s desire to wear the marks. Some women just need treatments to help improve the skin’s flexibility during pregnancy, which will limit stretch marks right at the beginning. The stretch mark creams that are available are a good option in if you are a member of one of these groups.

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