Smart Tricks To Save On Your Electricity Bill

An unnerving topic in recent months has been the consistent rise of people’s electricity bills and many have wondered how they could possibly reduce their energy consumption to avoid the burden of those record breaking bills.

We have all witnessed the immense increase in global gas prices over the last few months and the record rise in the energy price cap of 54% has had everyone worrying about their ability to pay their bills. According to Ofgem, the average household’s spend on heating and electricity will be around £1,277-£1,971 per year, making it one of the biggest expenses for UK families.

Having that in mind, there is no time like the present to review your electricity plan, energy consumption and seek smart ways to reduce your incredibly high utility bills. Here at We Buy Any House, we have come up with a few tips and cheeky tricks on cutting down your usage so that you can start seeing a difference in your bills in no time.

Tip 1: Install a Smart Meter

One of the first things in your energy-saving journey would have to be understanding where, when and how your energy is being used in your house. For this purpose, you could install a smart meter which could be your number one helper and serve as a tool to give you insights into your consumption, energy efficiency and peak times. Not only will it allow you to track your usage in real time, but it will also let you control it even remotely. You could learn how much each room needs warming and then easily control the temperature from your mobile device. Understanding your energy consumption is the first step in fixing the problem so it is vital you consider installing a smart meter. Simply check with your provider as this service may be offered for free.

Tip 2: Switch Off Appliances

Such a simple trick could end up saving you around £55 a year just by remembering to switch off your appliances when they are not in use. Think of your kettle, coffee machine, toaster and microwave, all of those could be unplugged without it upsetting their programming. Similarly, unplugging any chargers can make a small but significant difference as well.

Tip 3: Invest In Double Glazing

Insulating your house with double glazed doors and windows could end up saving you lots of money in the long run which is why it might be worth considering investing in a good insulation system. Unless you are renting, double glazing could be a huge positive for your house during those really cold or really hot days of the year. Not only could it help with reducing your electricity bills, but it could isolate any noise out too.

Tip 4: Switch To LED Bulbs

If you are not already using LED light bulbs, you need to jump on this as soon as possible. Whether you are trying to cut down on your electricity bills or simply trying to make your home more economically friendly, switching to LED lights would make a great decision for your home. They tend to last much longer than traditional lights and use almost 90% less energy than the incandescent ones, making them the energy-saving item you certainly need in your home.

Tip 5: Don’t Overfill Your Kettle

As unusual as this may sound, this smart trick could do wonders in the long run. If you pay attention, filling your kettle with too much water or simply more than you need not only takes a lot of time to heat up, but it also costs you much more. Once you realise the difference between the times it normally takes for the kettle to warm up your water with different amounts, you will start instinctively putting only the amount you need for that cup of tea in the morning rather than filling it up to the brim unnecessarily. What’s more, the leftover water in the kettle cannot be really great for reheating, can it?

Tip 6: Draught Proofing

Unwanted gaps in the doors, windows and generally any cracks that could let air in or out of your house could have an impact on your energy consumption. A cold draught can cause your house to lose heat, making you turn on your heaters and therefore increase your bills. Sealing any cracks in floors, windows and doors with draught proofing strips can save you around £45 a year on energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust. You could attempt doing it yourself or hire a professional but either way you will soon feel the difference.

Tip 7: Wash At 30 Degrees

Your washing machine tends to use a lot of energy which is worth knowing the efficient ways of using it. For instance, washing your clothes on a 30-degree cycle rather than higher temperatures can save you around £28 a year. Being mindful of how often you use it and what kind of load you are putting can help you save money on your bills in the future.

Tip 8: Turn Off Lights

We are all guilty of leaving lights on for longer periods of time, when leaving a room, when light is not necessarily needed but we use it for the sake of it. Being mindful of your energy consumption and making sure you turn off your lights when they are not needed could end up saving you some money off your utility bill.

No matter how little these small tricks seem to save you in a period of a year, together they could make a substantial difference in your energy bills. If you try to incorporate at least two or three of the tips we have provided, you will soon see the results from your efforts and be rewarded for them. Start today and say goodbye to those unaffordable bills for good by creating healthy energy spending habits.

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