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Single Hung vs Slider Windows: Compare Guide

Planning home renovation and do not know what to choose: single hung or single slider windows? We are ready to help you!

Read about all the features of each model and make the optimal choice for your home!

Single Hung Windows Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s start with pros:

  • Due to their design (only one sash is movable in such windows) they are more energy efficient than other models.
  • Since such window systems only open from the bottom, you will not encounter the slippage problem typical of double hung windows.
  • Versatile and well combined with other types of window systems.
  • And one more pleasant moment is a relatively low cost.

Now to the cons:

  • Limited ventilation through the lower sash only.
  • Since only one sash opens, it may be inconvenient to wash the glass from the outside.
  • Due to the vertical design, they are not suitable for installation in the center of the wall.

Single Slider Windows Advantages and Disadvantages

Sliders are a popular choice for homes with limited space.

Of course, this is not all the advantages of such products:

  • Ease of operation and maintenance, which are achieved due to the minimum number of moving elements.
  • Excellent energy efficiency due to the tight fitting of the sashes.
  • An improved view allowing you to enjoy the scenery outside the window.
  • Possibility to install these windows where it is impossible to effectively use other models. For example, near bushes, walkways and patios, where it will be uncomfortable to open ordinary swing windows.

Now let’s move to the cons:

  • Cost. Due to the features of the design, such products are more expensive than single hung.
  • The inconvenience of cleaning the windows from the outside.
  • Require periodic cleaning in the area of rollers.

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