Should you switch your recruitment CRM system for another one?

There are many reasons why you might be considering switching to a different recruitment software platform.

Perhaps your staffing business has increased, or you have expanded to different sectors. You might need the best recruiting software that is more focused on the industry you are supplying talent for. Or it just might be that you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving at the moment.

However, before making any decisions, it is important for recruiters to understand if there is need to completely change their recruitment CRM systems, and what they should look out for when making the move. If you are one of them, you can start by contemplating these questions.

1. Has the size of your business increased?

If your recruitment firm has grown, it is natural to assume that there is a need for an upgrade in technology to help you keep up with the demands of your new business. But it is smart to talk to your current recruitment agency software provider and see if they can accommodate your new business needs. For example, if you have hired 10 more people then you can easily buy more user licenses.

2. Have you expanded to a different sector?

Some recruitment database software solutions are designed and marketed towards a few select industries. So, if you were catering to healthcare sector but recently also started  in education. Or you have started placing temp staff and you want to move to another perm recruitment CRM supplier or get the best temporary recruitment software to improve your workflow. Examine with care whether you require a different recruitment platform. The best software for recruitment agencies is useful when hiring for various sectors.

3. Do you have budget limitations?

Business is not always stable. It is understandable when budget restraints crop up sometimes. Rather than completely switching over to a new vendor, explore the possibilities of cutting back some licenses which will help reduce cost. If it happens to be a brief rough period, it can cost more to find a new CRM and take on the new onboarding costs.

4. Is your contract coming to an end?

If you are nearing the end of your contract, you are possibly deliberating on moving to the recruitment platform that is making news recently. Once again, doing proper research is key and you must check what the new CRM supplier is offering that your current one isn’t. Don’t hasten to sign a contract with what the market claims are the best recruitment software suppliers. Dedicate time to finding out why it is popular and whether it truly meets the needs of your business.

Some key features to keep an eye out for if you do want to go ahead

  • SaaS and Cloud-based recruitment software

Whether yours is a start-up agency or a large established recruitment firm, you will need robust CRM software that allows for flexibility. A SaaS CRM platform provides the benefit of paying per user license which can be scaled up or down according to business needs. You can choose to pay either monthly or annually. Data-driven insights are required from simplified sources to help you make informed choices that increase sales and profit. The Power BI CRM helps support sales personnel and dig deeper into the data. To be a professional, you should have completed a Power BI Course to enhance your skills. You can choose to pay either monthly or annually. Another advantage of SaaS is that the vendors take care of security, maintenance and updates which clears staffing agencies from those responsibilities. With cloud-based recruitment software, remote recruitment becomes easier and more efficient. Recruiters can work from anywhere they like. Their work doesn’t have to be confined to the office. The mobile app that comes with the recruiting software is also immensely helpful.

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  • IR35 software for easy compliance checks

There are different kinds of compliance checks that recruiters must carry out during the hiring process. Whether it is getting GDPR consent from candidates or ensuring IR35 checks are as vital as having the proper right-to-work documents. It can be challenging to be on top of all these rules when it involves hundreds of candidates. Therefore, the use of the best recruitment agency software is necessary as it simplifies the compliance checking process. From sending reminders to automating the checks, having a recruitment CRM system that streamlines these tasks makes work more effective. Choose the right IR35 software to make sure your best candidates are compliance-ready.

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