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Sensitive skin and also oily

What exactly is oily skin caused by?

The problem that most girls often encounter is oily skin. When the skin is oily, the face begins to have many problems. which oily skin that may be caused by a variety of factors as follows

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– Changes in time or weather conditions, excessive heat, humidity, and increased sweating. And because the ducts of the sweat glands and some sebaceous glands have the same exit. As a result, it is excreted with sweat.

– Age is another factor. Especially during the period we are entering the reproductive age will have sex hormones secreted out. which affects the functioning of the sebaceous glands The more sex hormones are released. The page will be even more glossy.

– Hormonal imbalances in the body such as stress or staying up late. It will cause the secretion of the hormone Cortisol, which has a reverse effect on increasing the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

– Skin that lacks ceramides will not be able to retain moisture. Therefore, oil must be produced to maintain the balance of the skin. Until it becomes excess oil on the face itself.

How do you know your skin is oily?

We will notice that people with oily skin are mostly people with large pores. Facial skin looks dull or looks shiny. The surface layer is thicker than usual. And often found blackheads, clogged acne or abnormal pigment as well. Some people have very oily skin. After washing your face for only 1 hour, you will feel that there is some oil. Coated on the surface, so girls who have symptoms that do not calm down. Let’s go check your skin. will have to take care of each other from the beginning

Oily skin… can cause allergies!!

Many people still don’t know. Oily skin doesn’t just make our faces have large pores, dull faces, or clogged acne. But if the skin is more severe May cause allergic skin reactions. and irritation Because people with oily skin. The sebaceous glands produce oil from the dermis. Released by the vascular tubes on the epidermis. which serves to coat This excess oil on your face damages the skin layer. The skin is susceptible to irritation. Especially those with sensitive skin or those lacking in ceramides are more prone to irritation than those with healthy skin. Because ceramides are like keratin binders. which is the main component of the top layer of skin to be arranged in an orderly manner Helps keep skin healthy Protect the skin and body from external stimuli such as UV rays, pollution, including substances that may cause irritation such as perfume, color, alcohol in general skin care products. In addition, ceramides help the skin to retain water effectively, look hydrated, radiant, and also reduce melanin synthesis. or skin pigment Makes the skin look radiant Therefore, in people who have oily skin due to lack of ceramides May result in rough skin and easy to lose

Sensitive skin but looks oily because it lacks ceramides!!

Oily skin and sensitive skin are different things. But sometimes there may be a connection. Or simply called oily skin is one of the causes of sensitive skin. Because we have sensitive skin to notice that. We will find clogged acne or blackheads, which is one of the symptoms of people with oily skin as well. Allergy or irritation to various products. and environmental conditions such as sunlight, wind, heat and cold, because oily skin may trigger sebum dermatitis. Until causing skin irritation, sensitive skin cells thicken. The sebaceous gland ducts clog pores and become clogged acne. and open pimples

9 ways to fight it without losing

Ladies with oily, sensitive skin, don’t worry. We can also nourish and keep our skin beautiful by using products that help fill the ceramides in the skin. oil control and should follow the instructions as follows:

– Do not wash your face more than 2 times a day.

– Use a gentle facial cleanser. Avoid scrubbing the skin.

– Choose a product that does not cause clogging, for sensitive skin, does not contain perfume, alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a substance that causes skin irritation.

– Wipe off makeup on your face thoroughly before bedtime with an oil-free makeup remover.

– Do not peel, scratch or squeeze pimples because acne will heal more slowly.

– Maintain skin moisture at all times

– Use a sunscreen that protects against both UVA, UVB rays and has an SPF of more than 30.

– Should wear a hat and sunglasses. to avoid direct sunlight exposure

– refrain from smoking

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