Peculiarities of the cleaning business in large cities

Stable growth in demand for cleaning services is growing due to the hectic lifestyle in big cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles or New York. Why do people apply to the cleaning companies? On the one hand, since the residents of the big cities are very busy, less time is left for solving issues like cleaning and taking care of household issues. On the other hand, there might be some unexpected situations happening in the apartments or houses which they need to deal with urgently. These situations might include crimes, suicides, death of a relative, etc. In this case such cleaning services as blood spill cleanup service or death cleanup service are required. Modern cleaning companies come to help to both maintain cleanliness and comfort in apartments, offices or country houses and eliminate the consequences of a crime.

Also, the growth in demand for cleaning services is due to the construction of new buildings, suburbs, the expansion of the cities. Every year, hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing, commercial real estate require care and maintenance.

What are the distinctive features of the cleaning business?

First of all, all orders in a cleaning company can be divided into one-time and permanent ones. To permanent projects refers cleaning of apartments, cottages, offices or shops that are serviced on a regular basis, according to a schedule of 5 or 7 days a week. The profit margin of cleaning such objects ranges from 12 to 25 percent, depending on each specific object and the peculiarity of its cleaning.

One-time orders are orders for cleaning after crime, death of a person, suicide, coronavirus or natural disasters like fire, flood, etc. In these case people look for the cleaning companies who specialize in blood spill cleanup service, mold remediation service, odor removal service, crime scene cleanup and others.

It should be mentioned that one-time orders bring more profit, from 30 to 50 percent of the order value. However, the biggest drawback for the cleaning companies providing one-time services is that the orders are inconsistent.

Whatever the cleaning services a company offers, either a regular cleaning service or a blood spill cleanup service, they must necessarily be of high quality. Only this way a cleaning company can attract new clients and retain the existing ones. As a rule, a satisfied client starts using your cleaning service more and more often and recommends it to their relatives and friends. So, next time someone needs regular cleaning or blood spill cleanup service, they will apply to your company.

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Another key factor which influences profitability of the cleaning business is professional staff. Highly trained and professional team that knows how to work with the right equipment, correctly use the correct dosage of cleaning products and consumables and safety rules is extremely valuable in the cleaning business. It is important to provide your staff with various trainings, especially when it comes to providing blood spill cleanup service or other related services. A member of the cleaning staff must know the safety rules inside out. Moreover, he or she must be psychologically prepared to do this job.

All in all, cleaning business can be profitable if you take care of the image of your company, your staff and your clients.

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