Pandora beginner’s guide

With everyone getting holiday gifts there may be some newbies to the Pandora charm bracelet line. I know it can be overwhelming – there are hundreds of charms to choose from of all kinds, plus a ton of accessories you can find as well. For anyone new to the hobby, here’s a quick rundown on some of the terms you’ll hear online and, in the store, and some tips on what to do when you’re just getting started. I also created a quick video to go along with this article that demonstrates some of these points:

1.) Jewelry

Pandora bracelets work on a “thread” machine like tightening a nut on a screw. There are four threads on the bracelet, one on the end and two towards the middle. This is what divides the bracelet into 3 parts. The components help to launch the charms and hold them in their balance. But it is no longer only for seems, the clips help maintain your bracelet from stretching as it takes the weight of the charms; they also maintain your charms from getting caught in the thread and twisting the belt. 

The elements have to close at the threads inside the center with a “snap” and should not circulate. The braiding at the ends of the bracelet isn’t always supposed for clips and is even thicker than the one in the center, it really is why you cannot place clips on it. With the fall 2011 series, pandora bracelets added bracelets and different necklaces for use only with new portions for display. 

The bracelets are a multi-strand silver bracelet with an unmarried clip, and an unmarried strand bracelet with area for five clips. There was a promoting in November 2011, offering an unfastened multi-strand or 5 clip bracelets with a $2 hundred buy. I were given the multi-strand single clip bracelet, with a new -tone, onyx flower dangle. It’s far very stunning and makes a beautiful sound.

2.) Spacers

Each part of the bracelet can hold on average about five times. However, some charms come in different thicknesses, especially if you get a dangle, you can probably put more than five in each section. The spacers are usually used to fill the empty space on your bracelet where there is not enough space to put a full-size charm, that way you won’t have any bad pages. It can also help keep charms from rubbing against each other. There are two types of spacers – most of the spacers are 1/3 the width of a normal charm so don’t have threads in them, so you can just slide them on; the second type is thicker, half the width of a normal charm so they will have threads. 

3.) Security chains

I am a big supporter of safety chains. These chains attach to the ends of the bracelet, and help hold your bracelet when you take it off your wrist so it doesn’t fall down. If you have Murano beads or expensive charms you don’t want them to hit the ground and break, chip, or scratch. Another benefit of a safety chain is that it helps keep your charms from getting caught on the string at either end of the bracelet. 

I found this annoying when I first got my Pandora bracelet because I always got one of my bracelets caught on the end when I just wanted it to float through the middle. 

Chain of custody solves this problem! There are two types of chains: one type is the one you twist onto the bracelet, and the other type is the clip-on chain. Both offer the same protection but my preference is that you sew it on because the other type cannot be cut on the actual bracelet straps; you have to stick to the big chain that takes the real estate charm! Why do that when you can have a safety chain attached to the ends and two extra charms on your bracelet?

4.) Dangle charms

Pandora offers a variety of pendants; there are jeweled, two-tone with silver thread and gold thread, with pearls, some with cameos, etc. My favorite dangle is the two “friends forever” charms, you can give one to your best friend or family member, or you can separate them on your bracelet, or what I like – keep them together on your bracelet. 

They make so much noise and are so cute! For my dangles with one side up, I like them to be facing me, because of course you are the one who is facing you all day and not the person facing you. Of course you can also not have any dangles if you want a river-lined look. If you are typing all day on the computer, they can get in the way and of course there is always a chance that they are falling or getting caught on something.

5.) Murano beads

Pandora is always coming up with new things and giving up old ones. If you’re looking to do a color-themed party, the Muranos are the best place to start. Currently, I have a lime-green bracelet and a teal bracelet. 

The only thing you need to know when you decide to wear Muranos is that you need to get a bracelet that is one size up because if you end up with more than three Muranos, it will start to make your bracelet stronger as the Muranos hold the bracelets. Further out on your hand (while you can’t really see the difference, you can definitely feel the difference).

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