Moderna Therapeutics Stock Price Volatility

Since the company went public last year, Moderna has experienced some volatility in its stock price. The company’s stock price peaked last August at $450 a share, or about $216 billion. Today, the stock is worth only $63 billion, or about $153 billion. This is 71% below its peak price. Tomorrow, Moderna is scheduled to report its fourth-quarter results and full-year 2021 earnings. The company has already pre-announced $17.5 billion in sales and informed shareholders of a $28.5 billion Advanced Purchase Agreement, along with an additional $3.5 billion in stock options.

Executives at Moderna Therapeutics have made millions of dollars by cashing in stock in recent years. In a recent NPR investigation of company disclosures, the company’s stock-selling practices have been revealed to be out of the norm and raise questions about the company’s internal controls. Moderna executives, including CEO Stephane Bancel, Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks, and President Stephen Hoge, have sold more than $100 million in stock in recent years.

The company has recently changed its name to Moderna, Inc. after changing its name in August 2018. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company’s stock price has dropped more than 30% in the last month, primarily because of the sell-off in healthcare and technology firms. Moderna shares have declined by as much as 13% on Monday. However, the company remains a good investment. If you’re an investor, be prepared for volatility in the stock price.

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