Make recruiting top talent easier for you with skills testing software 

As a recruiter seeking qualified candidates, you’ll need to work with online skills assessment software. This candidate assessment platform is one of the most useful tools for evaluating applicants and filtering mass volume applications quickly.

Every client wants top talent but finding such candidates every single time is no easy feat. Hence, staffing agencies must invest in and take the support of employment skills testing software to leverage the easiest way to identify, engage, and place such talents.

And how does online skills assessment software help? Is it going to be expensive? How many skills tests are offered? Will candidates find the skills exercises easy to do?

These are some of the most commonly raised queries. For this, it is important to do your research properly before committing to buying the software. Get one that is easy to use. It should offer plenty of skills tests. It should integrate well with the recruitment agency software system because the recruiting platform is used daily and integrating with the agency’s CRM software makes sending and storing the skills test results very convenient.

Skills testing and picking the best candidates

A good skills testing software platform will always have a wide range of assessments that cater to different roles and different industries. Some exercises measure how well an individual performs technically and then there are tests like psychometric testing that assess interpersonal or soft skills.

Some assessments apply to all sectors –

  • Literacy skills tests
  • Numeracy skills tests
  • Microsoft Office skills tests
  • Typing and data entry skills tests

Some are sector-specific –

  • Accounting skills tests
  • Driving skills tests
  • Healthcare skills tests
  • Construction skills tests

Using these assessments during the pre-employment stage is very valuable as recruiters can quickly and easily filter the best applicants. Most of these are short exercises. They can take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Sample questions are available at the start of the test so that candidates can understand the test structure.

With online skills testing, candidates will be able to get the assessment in their inbox and complete it from anywhere. Recruiters will also find it advantageous to use online skills assessment software because there is no need to take hours booking candidates to do a skills test. If you are a recruiter using skills testing, then all you need to do is choose which skills exercises are suitable and send them to your candidates. It takes only a couple of minutes. Then you can proceed with other tasks. The skills test results also arrive promptly in the inbox which can be shared with hiring managers and clients.

Bespoke skills testing – an added advantage

When recruiters are hiring for a niche industry or a niche role, the ‘create your own skills test’ button is immensely helpful. With custom skills testing you can design a new skills test from scratch or tailor an existing one to better meet your needs whether it is just branding or content.

Reducing the risk of wrong hires

Every client company wants to avoid the risk of a wrong hire. It costs time and money to go through a recruiting process and find the best person for the job. What happens when the employer finds out their new staff is not performing as they expected? Then employers will start questioning what went wrong and how much it costs to replace with a more appropriate candidate. It is detrimental masstamilan for the business to keep this employee on the payroll. Then you need to restart the recruiting process and that costs time and money again.

Then the final question – what could the recruiter have done differently at the hiring stage? Therefore, candidates must be assessed for both technical and cultural fit. Skills testing software is quite easy to use. The skills tests will measure how well a candidate knows what they are supposed to know. If you want to hire overseas a PEO Philippines can help you.

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