Make Moving to a New Home Peaceful for Your Pets with These 4 Tips!

Moving to a new home in a new place can annoy your furry companion. Your fur baby has to deal with fresh challenges in an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for both of you. So, reassure your pet amidst the chaos of packing, moving, and unpacking that you can handle this life event successfully together.

Through your busy schedule of filling the cardboard boxes, wrapping them with tapes, loading trucks, etc., you may miss out on what your fur baby is up to in the meantime. There can be high chances of your four-legged friend suffering an accident, injury, or other pet emergencies. In times like these, pet health insurance can reduce your financial burden and support your fur baby with quality medical care.

The best pet insurance covers your furry baby’s non routine vet visits, particular illnesses, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, dental issues, and more. Check different plans available with insurers and buy a policy that matches your budget and pet’s needs. While you consider this medical financial backup, we have some tips on making this transition smooth for your pet pals.

Select a home your pet loves

Scout for a  new apartment/house and neighborhood with your pet friend before finalizing a deal. Your fluffy friend’s approval is equally important, so stroll around with your fur mate to examine the safety of the new zone. Look out for any untamed aggressive creatures in the vicinity.

Assess the indoor space

Cats love to crawl in high places. Your kitty cat may give their consent if the potential new living space offers many opportunities to build vertically. Good wall space enables you to add some shelves, cat ladders, steps, and other things your feline pet can creep on.

If you have a canine pet, remember that most canines are inclined to play outdoors, breathe fresh air, and explore the surroundings. In a case like that, your paw friend may not like a boring apartment with no yard where they only have a secured balcony area to relax, play, or do other things. Also, you might have a big problem if your pup has house training issues.

Take care in days leading to packing up

The pet fraternity are no major change lovers. Sudden changes can cause much anxiety in your furry friends, so bring in the moving boxes early. That way, your fur baby may get used to the boxes and packing. Also, ensure your pet friend’s favorite room is emptied as the last step.

On the day of moving, you can have any of your friends accompany your pet, or you can leave your furry pet in your friend’s home. When you have people on guard, your fur baby has fewer chances of escaping or getting freaked while you get busy moving things. Make sure your fur baby’s routine is not hampered, for both of your sanity.

Get your pet used to crate

Meanwhile, help your fur baby in getting them used to being in the crate. You can start with simple things like offering meals in the crate and proceeding to playtime and tossing treats at the end of the crate time. Carry your crated pet for short distances indoors or take them for a short drive in the locality so they feel safe in the crate.

Once you have safely reached your new pet-proofed home, help your furry companion settle in one room with most of their essentials (bed, toys, treats, food bowl, water, litter box, etc.). Slowly you can introduce other rooms to your pet.

A disturbed pet is likely to get sick or fall prey to a mishap. With pet health insurance, your four-legged friends stay covered for specific health troubles and emergencies. So, have the best pet insurance, so you don’t need to think twice about pet health expenses.

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