Learn How to Make Life Easy for Pet Pups With Arthritis!

One of the most common bones and joint issues our pet pups can suffer from is arthritis. Many puppies gradually develop this condition as they age. Even though some medical conditions are inevitable, still, there can be ways to make them more manageable.

If you have an older pet at home, ensure your doggo is on schedule with regular vet visits. Your furry friend may need at least one or two vet consultations in a year, so you know about their health status just in time. Early diagnosis can help with early treatments so your pet may not have to suffer more critical health issues later.

The best pup insurance in town can cover pet accidents, illnesses, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more based on your chosen cover. However, you must remember that even the top-rated pet insurance will not cover pre-existing medical conditions, so a good time to buy a policy is when your puppy is still young and healthy.

Also, read the fine print in the pet insurance policy wording to know exactly the benefits and health conditions covered. Most insurers don’t cover regular vet visits and vaccinations, for example; be sure about what you are signing up for to reap optimal benefits for your individual needs.

Meanwhile, we have some tips for puppy parents on easing their fur baby’s pain and inflammation due to joint troubles.

Alter your home

A few essential home modifications can significantly help ease your pupper’s ache and anxiety. Consider having these items at home so your traumatized dog can sigh a breath of relief.

1.Anti-skid mats

Puppies experiencing joint pain may fear getting around slippery places like floor tiles or hardwood. They may hesitate to walk on such surfaces because of their mobility issues and have apprehensions about falling and suffering more pain.

One solution to relieve your stressed pet is having anti-slipping mats/carpets/rugs in zones where your furry baby mostly walks around. These products can reassure your fearful pet and encourage them to get on with their activities with little hassles.

Place anti-slip mats near beds/sofas and top/bottom of the staircases, so your fur baby has reduced impact on their joints.

2.Stairway blocks

You can pet-proof your home in the best interests of your pet in pain. Have pet gates fixed to make sure your four paws are secured in your absence. However, you can unlock the gates when your pet pup is under your supervision.

3.Dog-lifting aids

Use a dog lift harness or sling to improve your pet’s movability and safety inside the home. This product efficiently helps mobility-impaired canines, especially those suffering from elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee arthritis.

4.Comfortable dog beds

Check for orthopedic dog beds in pet stores. Ortho dog beds can have various features like being chew-proof, water-resistant, fluffy, bolster, etc. They are exclusively designed for pets with bone, joint, hip, and mobility problems.


Along with having pet joint-friendly products at home, you can consider specific secondary treatments to provide your agonized fur baby some solace.


Meet your vet and discuss alternative treatments for your pupper. Schedule acupuncture therapy sessions with a practitioner if your vet approves of them.


Regular exercise, brief walks, massage, therapeutic exercises, aqua therapy, or physiotherapy are other options you can explore. Monitor changes in your pet’s body movements to know if the condition has improved over a period.

Also, your puppy’s weight plays a vital role in minimizing their joint pain. Plan your pup’s activity, food, and diet, so they stay within healthy weight limits. Pet obesity can aggravate conditions and lead to a chain of other critical medical issues. Your fur baby can have comprehensive health coverage with the best pup insurance. So, purchase a top rated pet insurance policy to provide your puppy with excellent health care at affordable costs.

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