iTop VPN: A Fast and Reliable Free VPN for Secure Browsing

iTop VPN is a free, dependable, and fast service designed to help you navigate the digital world securely. It hides your IP address, encrypts your network data, and shields you from hackers and authorities alike.


iTop VPN provides a range of security tools to keep you protected online. These include an in-built ad blocker which blocks ads at the traffic level, as well as a browser privacy feature which removes any residual traces in your browser history.

Furthermore, iTop VPN’s no-logs policy ensures your data security. They don’t log any personal information such as names, emails addresses, order numbers, device info and OS version to prevent hackers or authorities from tracking you down.

iTop VPN is a VPN سعودي also features a “kill switch” that stops all traffic once it detects you have disconnected from the VPN service. This ensures your data won’t be accessible for trackers or ISPs, which is an important benefit in the eyes of many users.


Have you ever experienced a drop in your VPN connection? You know how frustrating this can be. Luckily, iTop VPN features a Kill Switch that instantly disconnects you from the internet when the VPN loses contact?

Another reliable measure is iTop VPN’s DNS settings, which automatically encrypt and route your DNS traffic through secure servers to prevent leaks of personal information online. This guarantees no DNS leaks happen and protects your online privacy.

Additionally, iTop VPN has a Browser Privacy feature that analyzes your browsing history and suggests ways to enhance security. Unfortunately, this puts the company in an advantageous position to record sensitive information; thus, it’s celeblifes essential that you consider its potential effects before turning it on.

iTop VPN is an efficient VPN that enables you to access any website or platform from anywhere in the world. It boasts impressive speeds, security measures, and ease of use – making it the perfect all-inclusive choice.


iTop VPN offers a selection of pricing plans. Depending on how long you require the service, you can choose from monthly, annual or two-year plans.

Most plans allow users to connect up to five devices simultaneously. Furthermore, iTop provides a money-back guarantee for all its plans.

The company does not log user data, so there’s no risk of breaching your privacy. However, it does store cookies and personal information to enhance customer service.

Another essential feature is a kill switch that disconnects your internet connection when it detects that you have disconnected from the VPN. This helps protect your real IP address and browsing history from being leaked by online trackers.

iTop also comes equipped with an inbuilt ad blocker that blocks all ads and pop-ups from websites, helping you avoid distractions and safeguarding your device against malware. This is an effective way to minimize distractions while protecting it from harm.


iTop VPN offers a selection of applications for different devices. These include a desktop version with a small dashboard, as well as iOS and Android wearfanatic applications.

Split tunneling is also supported, allowing you to choose which apps use the VPN and which don’t. This comes in handy if you only want certain sites unblocked – like Netflix or BBC iPlayer – without having them all go through the VPN simultaneously.

Other features such as anti-malware protection, a browser cleaner and ad blockers can also be beneficial. The latter in particular is beneficial since online ads can be an irritating avenue for criminals to access your private information and NSFW content.

Security-wise, iTop VPN uses Salsa20 (chacha20) 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe. Furthermore, its airtight no-logging policy ensures that no data can be stored which could allow someone to identify you, launch a hack attack against you or trace back your traffic back to you.

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