How to update apps on Android

Updating your apps on Android is quite important, because often developers issue updates when they have found bugs or vulnerabilities in an app – it may also just be an update to improve the user experience, which is also worthwhile. A tech company we spoke to who use Android gave us their opinion on the best way to update apps. TechQuarters, who provide managed IT services London based businesses have used for over a decade, recommend enabling auto-updates, as this is an easy way ensure you are using the most secure version of all your apps. However, there are a number of different ways to update apps on Android.

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Updating Apps Manually

There are two main options for manually updating your apps on Android. The first option is to perform manual app updates one by one. The other option is to manually apply updates to all your apps at once. First, let’s look at how to update individual apps manually.

While it is recommended to keep all your apps up to date at all times, some people may want to update some apps, and keep the old versions of other apps. This should be done at each user’s own discretion.

  • Go to the Google Play Store, and tap your profile icon (you should see in in the top-right corner of your display).
  • Tap Manage apps & device, and then tap the Updates available
  • From this new section, you will see a list of all apps that have updates available. Each app listed will have an Update button displayed next to it.
  • Locate the app you wanted updated, and tap Update.

It is highly recommended that you keep all apps updated.

  • At the top of the Updates available section, next to where it says “Apps & games” you should see an Update all Tap this to apply updates to all the apps simultaneously.

Automatic Updates

As mentioned above ninitepro, the best thing for a user to do is ensure that their apps are always up to date. This can be tricky to remember to do manually, so the best option (in our opinion) is to setup automatic updates. When you enable this option, app updates will be downloaded in the background. This option is preferable, as you won’t need to continually check the Google Play Store to see if any of your apps have new updates available.

Setup Auto-update for all apps

You can enable automatic updates to all of your apps, or just some of them. It is up to each individual user whether they want to keep some apps not up-to-date.

  • Go to the Google Play Store, and tap your profile icon (you should see in in the top-right corner of your display).
  • Tap settings > Network preferences > Auto-update apps.
  • Here, you will see some different options appear in a box: Over any network, Over Wi-Fi only, and Don’t auto-update apps.
  • Selecting the first option will allow app updates to be installed on both Wi-Fi networks and on Mobile data networks.
  • Selecting the second option means app updates can only be installed when connected to a Wi-Fi network only – this is perhaps a little more secure, and will preserve your mobile data storysavernet .
  • The third option means you will be required to manually update your apps.

If you want to only have certain apps be updates automatically, you can setup auto-updates on individual apps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store, and tap your profile icon (you should see in in the top-right corner of your display).
  • Tap Manage apps & device, and then tap the Manage option near the top.
  • You will see a list of all your apps. Select the one you want to auto-update.
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of your display, and check the Enable auto update If you do not want the app to auto-update, ensure that the box is not checked.

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