How to Search For Land Records in Assam

The Assam Revenue Department has a unified system for the management of land records and the use of Internet Technology to ensure that land records are well documented. It has also implemented a modern record room and developed a scientific framework to study documents and systems. It has recently launched its own land data center for the state. The system will be able to record information in both the Assamese and English languages, including digitized land records.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of their Jamabandi should visit the official website of the Revenue and District Management Department. This department has a web portal for this purpose, which will ask for the person’s details and their Dag Number. Then, a verification code and Captcha code will have to be filled in. Upon successfully filling up the forms, you will be able to download the Jamabandi copy.

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Assam has created the Dharitree Assam portal. It is designed to streamline the process of land transfer and registration. The website, sometimes spelled as Dharitree Assam, is aimed at ensuring interconnectivity between departments, and allows users to search land records in Assam. Moreover, you can also access Assam land records through the Dhar tree App.

The revenue department has made changes to the way it collects information and digitized the land accounts. In addition, it has also made changes to the way planning and overseeing departments handle documents. A modern record room for documents related to bandmaster and revenue has been implemented. International mathematical reforms have been undertaken to ensure the effective application of the electronic administration system. You can also see that the Assam government is committed to improving services for citizens in the process of modernization.

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