How to Play Spelunky Online and in Multiplayer

If you love adventure games, you might have heard of Spelunky. This 2D platform game was designed by Derek Yu and released for the Microsoft Windows operating system in 2008. It has since been remade and ported to various platforms. There are many ways to play Spelunky online and through multiplayer. In addition, you can challenge other players in multiplayer mode. The objective is to find a missing piece of data in order to escape.

XBLA store

Although the game is randomized, players can engage in high-scoring and speedrunning to get to the next level faster. It also includes leaderboards on the XBLA store. The multiplayer mode is very different from the co-op mode, and players can interact with other players and hurt them in multiplayer. Deathmatch is a competitive multiplayer mode, similar to Bomberman. You will use more weapons and be able to do more damage in deathmatch mode.

Sabotage enemies

Spelunky’s multiplayer mode adds a new dimension to the game. It contains hidden passages and treasure rooms that can only be accessed by the player. In addition to cooperative play, players can participate in multiplayer games and compete for high scores on the XBLA leaderboards. Moreover, there are two modes in the game: deathmatch and co-op. In the former, you can interact with each other and hurt them. In the latter mode, you can use your abilities to sabotage enemies and heal them.

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