How to Overcome Procrastination as a Student

Procrastinating among students occur not only due to unwillingness, but because of depression, poor study routine, fear of failure, lack of motivation, ADHD, focusing issues, anxiety, too much pressure, exhaustion, and other social and psychological factors. A study from suggests that around a half percentage of college students struggle with procrastination in their studies. This leads poor academic performance, stress, repetitive assignments, deteriorates overall health, and even cause students to drop out. Even parents fail to understand the issue which triggers disappointment and create tension.

Many students postpone their assignments for “tomorrow”, and resent the fact that they are procrastinating. But we all know that “tomorrow” brings troubles. Avoid the use of “later”, “someday”, “soon”, and “eventually” in your mind. Be more specific about the dates and start immediately. The first step in defeating such idea is to grow awareness, change your habits, and start working with strategies. Let’s keep going!

1. Sayonara to your distractions

Figure out the things that keep you distracted. Practice saying “No”. No to phones and social media during studies, no to the frequent hanging out, no to peer pressure, and so on. Also bid adieu to your stress and unnecessary presumptions, and try to deviate your negative thoughts.

2. Switch to a comfortable study location

There must be corner of your room, a library, or a particular study cafe where you feel more comfortable to study. Also identify which time of the day are you more productive. Stick to that for a while or longer.

3. Organize your surrounding

Create a pleasing ambience around you. Adjust the lighting, tune in to some good focus or classical instrumentals, and make yourself ready for some focused work.

4. Set goals to keep track

Make your own deadlines to record your progress. If your deadline is after 2 weeks, then bring it to 7 days for yourself. Don’t leave it for later.

5. Prepare a schedule

Nothing can go wrong if you maintain a routine. Not necessarily you have to sort your tasks for all the activities you do the entire day. Just bring out some time for your presentations, essays, deadlines, studies, exams, and other academic preparation. A lot more time to the harder subjects, longer assignments, and the ones you are weaker, and keep a certain time at the end for your revisions. If you have too much to do order affordable papers from managementpaper for a little ease.

6. Get inspired and stay motivated

To gather inspiration, you can converse with your friends who have already done or are on the way of completion of their projects and assignments. You can also read some inspiration quotes or short stories before getting started. If you want to avoid boredom, invite your friends over for a group study.

7. Break down the tasks into smaller segments

Take smaller and manageable steps. For example, if you have a test a day later and you have to read 2 chapters, then don’t count the number of pages. It would seem tougher to memorize, say about 25 pages. Instead break into sub topics of each chapter and write notes for longer retention. Same will help with essay writing, by starting with a creative hook, creating an outline, and so on.

8. Take breaks

You can take little breaks between your school works. Take a little nap by putting up an alarm, go for a walk, meditate for a while, or water your plants. This will give you more time to think and be create, calm and productive throughout your study sessions.

9. Reward for completion

Tip yourself by achieving your goals. Say to yourself, “if I complete my book review by 9, I’ll watch 2 episodes of the next web series in my bucket list.” This practice will actually make you more disciplined and encourage self-control.

10. Improve your food habits and workout

Focusing more on your health is an added ingredient for a relaxing mind. Lower your caffeine consumption, junk food and sugary products. Also reduce eating out and cook healthy for yourself.

11. Share your achievement

Once you are done with your studies beforehand, share your story with your roommates and other friends and motivate them if they are lagging behind. You can even share it with a family member for a bonus to your self-satisfaction. It will keep you happy and inspired.

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