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How to Make Your House Look Bigger

Most people dream of having a big house, however, with rising house prices- owning your dream five-bedroom home is an ideal that seems to be slipping further and further away. But not to worry! Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your house look bigger. And with most blinds Essendon homeowners will find it easy to control privacy and just how much light enters the space.

Get Creative with Your Lighting:

The lighting you choose to have in your home can massively affect the way your home appears. When it comes to natural light, it can have a positive effect on your property, making each room look bigger. If you have big windows, then enhance this with curtains that complement the space, either going with a sheer curtain or using decorative curtain ties or pulls to keep the natural light beaming through the window. However, if that specific room doesn’t enable natural light to reach it- don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of ways you can replicate this with artificial lighting.  Floor lamps are a great accessory to have, as they can project light into the room perfectly.

Ditch the Clutter:

As Marie Kondo states, decluttering is the great way to not only reset mentally, but also feel a sense of joy when it comes to your home. Keeping your home tidy and organised is a way to instantly feel like you have more space to live and breathe in your home. Adopting a minimalist approach is the perfect way to open up your home. Try and refrain from hanging any paintings on the walls and keep the floor space as free as possible.

Choose Light Coloured Furniture:

Although incorporating dark pieces of furniture can make your living space seem more homely and inviting, this can actually make your home seem smaller and confined. Therefore, a great alternative is to include furniture that is lighter in colour, as this can change the space to feel more open-plan and airy.

Include a Neutral Colour Scheme:

Similar to choosing furniture that is of a lighter colour, it’s a good idea to include a colour scheme in your home that is neutral too. Choosing to use white, creams or ivory on the walls is a great idea, especially if you pair the warm colour-scheme with cooler-toned pieces of furniture.

Incorporate a Lot of Glass:

It may sound like an obvious choice but opting to include materials that are somewhat see-through is a great way to make your home seem larger. Including things such as glass tables, opaque showers or glass ornaments enhances the space in your home, and tricks the eye into thinking there is extra room.

Use Mirrors:

More often than not, we all have mirrors in our home. However, how many of them actually make them work to our advantage and create a bigger space? Mirrors are a fabulous way to trick the eye into thinking your home is bigger than it is, as the light and dimensions are reflected in the mirror space.

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