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How to Make Your Home More Cosy for Winter

As we are halfway through Autumn, and are soon venturing into winter weather, it’s time to make your house cosy. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to make your house more cosy in winter.

Do a Deep Clean of the House:

When we think of doing a deep clean of our house, we often think of the words ‘spring clean’. However, who says that our house can only be cleaned properly throughout the spring months? According to experts, we should actually be cleaning our properties thoroughly at the beginning of every changing season. As Autumn approaches, we should think about deep cleaning our property. It’s a good idea to give everywhere a good cleaning, especially as Autumn and Winter are the perfect season for spiders etc. to make a nest in your home.

Don’t Forget About Your Gutters:

As Autumn approaches, now is the exact time in which your gutters will need clearing out. This is because if the space is filled with debris and twigs, then the water will not be able to flow properly, which could ultimately lead to a blockage on your drains.

Think About How You Can Make Your Home Feel Warm:

Now that the weather is beginning to get a lot colder, it’s time to make your house look a lot cosier. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways in which you can do this, and adding blankets and throws is one of them. Adding blankets and throws to your home is one way to make your house feel as cosy as possible, as you can snuggle under them on the cold evenings.

Another thing you will need to do as the weather gets colder is make sure that your radiators are working. It’s a good idea to bleed your radiators before you need to use them, as this way you can make sure that once you switch them on, that they will work. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your fireplace or wood-burning stove are working properly, and if you have a chimney, make sure that it has been swept. But it’s also important to note that if you do have either of these things, that you have an adequate number of smoke alarms fitted in your house, and that they are all adequately working.

Make Sure You Have Outdoor Lighting:

Just because the weather has become colder doesn’t mean that you won’t be spending time outside. Whether you need to put the bins out, or just venture outside your house once its gone dark, then you will inevitably need lighting for you to see where you are going. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure your outdoor area is illuminated sufficiently.

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