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If you want to host a Movie Night with your kids, there are many options available. A few examples are: Kubo and the Two Strings – a colorful action animation with a life-changing lesson starring a young boy. Kubo must locate the magical suit of armor his late father wore and defeat the spirit of vengeance who wants to destroy it. It is an unforgettable treat for the eyes! It is a great choice for the whole family, whether they’re young or old.

Decide where to watch the movie. Decide on a location in your home where everyone can gather and relax. Prepare a cozy place for everyone to sit. Make sure to plan activities for before and after the movie. You can also invite teens to participate in pre and post-movie activities. For example, your movie night could include door prizes! A movie night with your kids will surely be a hit! However, you can’t forget about the snacks!

“TRON” – A classic sci-fi, “TRON” follows a computer hacker who is abducted into a digital world and forced to compete in gladiatorial games. This film is fantastical, surreal, and nostalgic! What better way to spend a family night than to take the kids to a movie theater together! This is the perfect movie for the whole family. It will have everyone cheering and clapping their hands in delight.

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