How to Find The Best Doggy Daycare for My Pooch?

If you’re a dog owner with long working hours or have an unpredictable schedule, leaving your dog home alone for long hours can be challenging for both you and your dog. For many dog owners, daycare gives their dogs a safe place to exercise while at work and offers much-needed mental enrichment and companionship that dogs wouldn’t be getting by themselves at home. In addition, many modern-day dog owners turn to dog daycare facilities as a source of exercise and socialization in cases where dogs are otherwise home alone for the owner’s entire busy day. We have come across the saying, “A tired dog is a good dog,” but there’s a massive difference between a dog who sleeps because he’s exhausted and content and a dog who sleeps because he’s consumed from stress-filled day.

How do you know which daycare to opt for? With growing popularity, many people are getting in on the trend, and many styles and options are available, from the large franchised “brand-name” daycare to the dog daycare your neighbor started in their home. It would help if you found a dog daycare where your dog would be safe, happy, and well cared for. These things must be considered when interviewing different dog daycares, including the style of daycare, staff-to-dog ratio, staff experience and training, cleaning procedures, dog handling and training methods and more. It is important to have pet insurance in any case of dog medical aid and emergency.

Questions to Ask While Choosing a Dog Daycare?

So far, so good? Then it’s time to ask some crucial questions. Feel free, this is your dog’s care you’re deciding on, and a reputable daycare center will be happy to answer your questions.

  1. Will they do a temperament test? The daycare facility should assess your dog’s behavior and personality before accepting him. Some facilities do a comprehensive behavioral assessment to decide if a dog is suitable for its environment and customized care.
  2. Are the staff trained well? The team should be trained in primary care and safety procedures at a bare minimum. However, you’re looking for staff trained in animal behavior, including canine body language and warning signs of danger, stress, or illness.
  3. Does the facility have procedures for emergencies, like natural disasters or injuries? For example, Staff members should be trained in dog medical aid. Ask how they will inform you in the event of an emergency.
  4. Will you receive day-to-day or weekly reports from them? Will the webcam be accessible to you? Will they inform you promptly if they see a change in behavior or well-being?
  5. What type of corrections do they use, if any? According to PACCC, expert staff will use methods that do not punish bad behavior and reward good behavior.
  6. Can various activities attract dogs of different personalities and energy levels? Is there a designated, comfortable rest area?
  7. Is the business insured and bonded?

If they’re responsive and open and seem like warm, compassionate, and patient caretakers, you can feel more reliable that they’ll take good care of your pup.

Does Your Dog Like Doggy Daycare?

Once your dog has adjusted to the routine, you’ll be able to judge whether he’s enjoying daycare. The best indication is a dog that comes home tired but happy and content. Is he stressed or relaxed at the end of the day? Does he seem energetic to head out each morning, or do you have to drag him through the door? You know your pet the best and are most qualified to assess his happiness and health. And, when it all works out, you can go off to work guilt-free, with the assurance that each day is like a holiday for your dog.

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