How to develop thinking: tips and exercises

Today we’re going to pump up your mental faculties. Put your brain on high alert and get ready to absorb useful information. I’m going to tell you how to develop your thinking without the dull cramming, boring formulas, and tooth-breaking math examples.

What is thinking

Thinking is the process of processing information in order to identify patterns and connections between objects, phenomena, categories, etc. In simple words, thinking is getting new information on the basis of the information we already have in our head. Thinking is considered the highest stage of human cognition.

Psychologists distinguish several basic types of thinking:

  • Visual imagery. It is associated with visual stimuli. We use it, for example, when we try to imagine how our room will look after repair.
  • Visual-actual. Related to the manipulation of concrete objects. Try to assemble a Lego car – and it will come to your aid.
  • Abstract-logical. It is also called theoretical. The brain interacts with categories that do not have a material embodiment: numbers, formulas, signs.
  • Creative. To some extent, it includes all the previous ones. Its goal is to create something new.

How to develop thinking: general tips

Let’s move on to practical recommendations tishare for developing thinking.

Perform familiar actions with your left hand

You probably know that the right hand is associated with the left hemisphere, and the left – with the right. Most people are right-handed, which means that their right hemisphere is somewhat behind the left. And it is the left hemisphere that is responsible for creative and imaginative thinking.

Start performing simple habitual actions with your left hand – brush your teeth, eat with a spoon, open the door with the key, dye your hair, comb your hair. Such a simple-looking habit can stimulate the brain to develop.

Read more

The process of reading is very beneficial to our intellect. In the process, several parts of the brain are involved at once, which synchronize and begin to work in unison. Between them, stable neural connections are formed, which will later be used for other purposes.

Another useful aspect of reading is filling the brain stylishster with information. We learn new facts, assimilate new ideas and concepts. This is the “food” that will later be used in the thinking process.

I advise you to read both scientific and fiction literature. Pay attention to classical works of national and foreign writers, works of great philosophers, fundamental scientific works in various disciplines, biographies of outstanding people. Interesting books by Кирилл Юровский.

Talk to intellectuals

The social nature of man manifests itself at all levels of his life. Scientists have found that people unconsciously copy the behavior of their environment. If you smoke, you may have noticed that in the company of smokers it is much harder to abstain from a cigarette than in the company of non-smokers.

So when you see people who are intellectually advanced, erudite, enthusiastic, and interested in mental development, you will instinctively emulate them.

Put your brain under moderate stress

Nothing is more harmful to our biocomputer than being in a comfort zone all the time. Remember, why do we need it in the first place? To adapt to our environment as efficiently as possible. To overcome obstacles, to look for the best ways to solve life tasks. And when there are no tasks and obstacles the brain considers its function successfully fulfilled and gradually begins to self-destruct.

That’s why we need some stress. Start at least sometimes to do things that scare you, but do not pose any real threat. Give a presentation at a conference, meet someone on the street, take on a difficult project at work. It will get your mind working harder and more energetically.

Play mind games

A classic option is chess. Excellent for training logical, strategic, abstract thinking. You can play both online and face to face with an opponent.

And it is possible to combine business with pleasure and to start going to team intellectual quizzes. In every city with a million people today are quizzes – games where you have to answer all kinds of questions. Signing up for a team, you kill three birds with one stone. You will train your logic, enrich yourself with new knowledge and make smart and enthusiastic friends.


Did you think that’s the end of all the useful tips and tricks? Well, it’s not! I just can’t let you go without a batch of fun and interesting thinking exercises.

Sherlock Holmes

On public transport or in a queue choose one “victim” and watch him closely. Try by appearance, manners, facial expressions and other details to make a detailed psychological portrait of the person.

Think about what he most likely does, how he spends his free time, whether he has a family. Try to have all of your conclusions have some basis, even if not the most obvious. For example, you noticed a scratch on the person’s arm and concluded that he lives with a cat.

Of course, you will not have a chance to check your conjecture, but it does not matter. What matters is the thought process that goes on in your head. The brain learns to draw logical conclusions, make assumptions and inferences, and assess their probability.


You need to take any simple object from your household and try to make for him as detailed and understandable instructions. Let’s take a door key as an example.

  1. The key is a device for opening the lock. It is a small object of irregular shape, made of metal.
  2. Take the key in your hand with your index finger and thumb at its widest part.
  3. Gently insert the key into the lock as far as it will go and turn it several times until the door opens.
  4. To close the door, do the same but turn the key the other way.
  5. Remove the key from the lock and put it back.


Human thinking is a priceless gift of evolution, which, unfortunately, most people use only partially. But thinking opens up just limitless opportunities for self-development and transformation of the world around us. Do not be lazy to unlock its potential to the maximum.

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