Empath | Impath | How to Be an Empath

An empath feels others’ pains and illnesses. They tend to take on the emotions of others and mirror them. The trouble with empaths is that they have no way to tell which emotions are theirs and which belong to someone else. By learning to understand their own feelings, empaths can develop greater control and self-awareness. Listed below are some tips to help you be an empath. But first, be aware of what makes you an empath.

A good empath will show great enthusiasm for life. They will give of themselves freely, but may burn out quickly. They also have a tendency to feel disappointed in other people. In the end, empaths are peacemakers and meditators. They don’t like conflict and prefer a peaceful solution. They are not good at judging, but they’re not passive. If a situation arises where you are causing pain to others, an empath will seek to help you resolve it without harm.

Those who are highly sensitive to the emotional state of others may feel overwhelmed or manipulated in intimate relationships. An empath must learn to separate themselves from their surroundings to recharge. They need space and time to feel their own pain and emotions. They may even want to help, but they can’t make a person change. However, being an empath requires sensitivity to the environment. An empath’s sensitivity to the environment may make them more sensitive to sounds and physical sensations.

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