HiPP Dutch – Organics Best Infant Formula

The HiPP Dutch Stage 1 is one of the most popular European formulas and is a good substitute for breast milk. HiPP Dutch is widely used by exclusively formula-fed babies and by parents who choose a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding. Most babies transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 at 6 months. Stage 3 is available after a child reaches their first birthday. Weighed against other European formulas, it comes out on top among the three brands.


The UK-based company, Kendamil, uses only the highest quality ingredients in its organic infant formula. Kendamil Stage 1 is certified organic by the European Union and is made from whole milk, not skimmed milk. This formula contains all essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and brain/eye development, and contains prebiotics, a natural source of good bacteria in the gut. This is important for your baby’s development, and Kendamil Stage 1 is rich in these beneficial microbes.

Another reason why Kendamil is considered the best infant formula is the purity of its ingredients. For example, most US brands are packed with preservatives and palm oil, which can cause zinc deficiency and prevent optimal brain development in infants. Kendamil formula is certified EU Organic and goes through multiple quality checks before being distributed to consumers. Furthermore, Kendamil does not contain palm oil, sugar, soy, or maltodextrin.


Loulouka Organic’s Best infant formula contains milk from Swiss cows and is certified organic. Loulouka also doesn’t contain soy, making it a better option for infants with sensitive tummies. The formula contains milk and whey proteins, which are essential to the development of a growing baby’s brain and body. It also contains DHA from fish oil. Because Loulouka uses only organic ingredients, it is free from the toxins associated with soy.

The cows raised for Loulouka organic formula are treated humanely and fed natural hay and grass. The country’s strict laws on animal welfare ensure that farm animals are treated with compassion and the environment is healthy. Loulouka also contains all necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This organic formula is made with the highest quality Swiss skim-milk. And unlike most other brands, Loulouka’s formula contains a high level of fatty acids, omegas, and choline.


HiPP UK organic infant formula is manufactured in the UK and Germany. It is certified organic according to European Union standards, which are more stringent than those in the United States. It is also guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep six months before the expiry date. HiPP organic infant formula is made from grass-fed cow’s milk and is certified to meet or exceed the rigorous European organic standards. The brand’s mission is to provide healthy food for babies and the environment.

The formulas are organic and contain no pesticides or chemicals. HiPP has three main subsidiaries, which focus on specific markets and offer slightly different infant formulas. While each has its own unique benefits, all of them adhere to the company’s philosophy. All HiPP formulas provide nutritious, quality-backed food for children. They are also available in several different packaging styles. HiPP infant formulas are made from organic cow and goat milk.


There are many benefits of Lebenswert organic infant formula. Not only is it clean and simple to use, but it is also nutritionally complete, with no preservatives or GMOs. It is derived from a certified Bioland farm. It also doesn’t contain wheat, peanuts, or soy. These are all things parents look for in their baby’s formula. So, why is Lebenswert the best choice?

This company has made a conscious effort to produce a high quality, wholesome infant formula. It does so by respecting the environment, preserving worker’s rights, and ensuring the health of your baby. The company has also made significant changes to its formula to better conform to the EU Baby Formula.


Directive, which will take effect in February 2020. These changes include adding DHA and improving the vitamin/mineral content. This makes Lebenswert organic infant formula a better choice for babies than most other brands.

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