Gates of Olympus game review

With Zeus himself by your side, Gates of Olympus takes you on a volatile journey where up to 500x multiplier orbs can land in the base game. The 6×5 Pragmatic Play slot runs on a Pay Anywhere engine and the global progressive multiplier does not reset on the bonus round. The ante bet doubles your chances of free spins and can win up to 5,000 times your bet. Players well versed in the world of demo gates of olympus slots will probably immediately notice that Gates of Olympus is heavily inspired by Pragmatic Play’s own Sweet Bonanza. That said, this is far from a reskin job, and the tweaks and improvements more than justify another release. The Greek mythology theme and visual presentation aren’t exactly bold, but they get the job done. 

The Pay Anywhere engine means that more than 8 matching symbols are winners and that more than 12 of the 4 bonuses are worth 12 to 50 times your bet. The Bonanza bonus round multiplier has been extended to the base game here and has been greatly improved. The 5,000x potential may be paradoxically less, but it can be achieved much more. In general, Gates of Olympus is the next title that is very competent with its masculine appeal.

Olympus Slot Features

The first thing you need to choose is if you want to play with the Ante Bet hide fix. It will pay you 25% more per spin, but it also doubles your chances of earning that bonus round. The Tumble hide goes into every win, and this means that winning tokens are removed to make room for new tokens to fall from the top. This technique will repeat itself every time you land a new winning combo, and there is no wild indication of its benefit in this game. 

Zeus himself is floating on the right side and can cause Multiplier hides at selected times. He then sees a variety of colorful wings with gemstone orbs on the reels, and these come with an added value of between 2x and 500x.

All added value is added to increase your winnings from the drop sequence, and most orbs appear both in the first game and during the bonus round. Speaking of which, the bonus rotation is triggered when you land at least 4 Zeus scatter on one spin. You first get 3x, 5x, or 100x spreads to win from 4, 5, or 6 spreads respectively, and then you will be given 15 free spins. 

All multiplier symbols you land during the bonus cycle are added to the global progressive multiplier which does not adjust again. You get five new spins added to your count to every three distributors you land, and there is no upper limit for re-spins. Non-UK players can buy the bonus round, but this will cost you 100x your.

The 200 Spins Gates e Olympus Slot event

We continued with the basketball game for a while and won well here and there. Accordingly, we agreed shortly and opted for the bonus calling option. You can see free spins from 1:12 to 3 minutes of the video below, and our global extension has hit 11x to the end. How much we left with it, though, you just know when you hit the play button.

Review Summary

Olympus Gates comes as a grittier, beefier version of the Sweet Bonanza, and a good alternative for those who want to escape the excess sugar. The Pay Anywhere engine works well here too, but the prices have gone up a bit. The main difference is in the 2x-500x multiplier orbs, and here you will have to benefit from them in the first game. This makes a big difference, as large payments can drop dramatically at any time. 

Yes, your chances are high in the bonus cycle, where the number of parasites continues to increase to an unknown length. We prefer to see low-end advertised profits as a good indicator. It looks like Pragmatic has already taken the answer to its “hype chance” at heart, and we look forward to fulfilling max-winning announcements from now on.

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You can expect 10x random winnings, four different bonus rotations, four progressive jackpots, and a maximum winning chance of 5,000x your stake. Rise Of Olympus – This is Playtech’s take on the Moon of their famous Princess, and she runs on the winning engine. You will be helped from the Hand of God in a form that suddenly adds forest, transforms symbols, or destroys symbols. The bonus rotation comes, among other things, a 20x increase for the winner of up to 5,000x your prize.

Olympus Slot Setup, Controls, and Paytable Gates

From the point of view of the slot machine, it is clear that this is not your regular slot machine. The gates of Olympus will take players in front of the gates of Mount Olympus, the mountain of Greek mythology that was home to all the gods. Basically, it takes you in front of the gates of the house of Zeus, with a visitor greeting you from the right.

All control slots are in their regular position, so you do not have to worry about folding these reels. Signs pay anywhere else on the show. Zeus is the distributor who causes free circulation and pays 100x of 6 per mile. There are 9 other symbols, with a low-win represented by shiny stones. The sign pays more for the crown, moving 50x your stack of 12-30 bundles.

Olympus Online Slot Gameplay

Before you turn the mareel for the first time, adjust your bet between 0.20 and 100 per spin. Hit the pin buttons and the symbols will disappear from the reels as is usually the case with tumble reels slots. Each time you win, new tokens replace those used in winning the mix, giving you more chances to beat it.

The tumble hide is the biggest important hide in the first game. Thus, at this point it comes with a twist. There are four additional spins that can land indiscriminately in the game world and free spins rotation. Whenever it is done, it gives value to your winner – it can be anywhere from x2 to x500.

When combined with the Tumble Reels, it becomes clear that these excesses are the key to bringing big wins in the first game. If you sink enough for four Zeus spreads, you get there cash rewards and get to that bonus round.

Olympus Slot Gates Free Spins and Bonus Features

The bonus rounds start with 15 free spins. It works as one would expect and does not differ much from the game world. The main difference is that the more land you have and the more rounds you end up winning, the more value-added to the full multiplier.

You can restore five more free spins at any 3 distribution world. The bonus rotation uses special reels and with the ability of unlimited free spins, it helps the slot to its ability to win.

Olympus Slots Gates FAQ

What is the return to Olympus Gate Player?

The preferred RTP of 96.5% is lower than the industrial average, however, you may get lower payback due to different RTP. The available RTP rates are 96.50%, 95.51%, and 94.50%.

How crazy is the Olympus Gates?

Volatility has skyrocketed in this game, so you need to be mentally prepared for the transformation of your bank.

What is the best profit?

You can win up to 5,000 of your time at the Gates of Olympus, which is strong enough for this type of instability.

How does the Pay Anywhere Engine work?

You win by landing between 8 and 12+ symbols symbolizing anywhere on one spin.

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