Factors you should consider before resizing ring 

Before you go to the jeweler to have your ring resized, make sure you’ve thought about these things. This will help you to resize your ring properly. 

What metal is your ring made of? 

Gold, silver, and platinum are the three most valuable metals. Different metals can be resized in different ways, so it’s important to know which one you have to see if you can resize it. Gold and platinum are more durable than silver, so when they need to be resized, they can take more pressure.  Thus if you have a gold ring then for resizing purposes you should contact gold dealers who sell gold.

They usually cost more than silver, but still less than most other precious stones, like diamonds or emeralds. Silver, on the other hand, is easy for jewelers to shape, which makes it easier to change the size of rings made of silver (unlike those made from other non-precious metals). 

How much room do you have in the ring? 

If it has a lot of space, you can resize it three or four times before you need to buy a new one. If there’s just a little bit of room, you might want to think about getting a new ring, since resizing it just once or twice will make it too tight and uncomfortable. 

Even if your current ring has no space at all, don’t worry. It can still be resized, but only once or twice. After that, you won’t be able to make any more changes, and your finger may feel like it’s being pinched by the shank (the slim band between the stone and setting). 

How big is the stone? 

How much metal you have to take off will depend on how big the stone is, which can affect how much it costs. Most rings are made with a certain amount of extra metal to make them more stable. If you take away too much, the ring could become unstable. 

Also, if you’re going from a size 10 to a size 9, less material needs to be taken off than if you were going from a size 9 to a size 10. (say from 7 to 8). So, going down may not cost as much as going up, but it still costs money and time, so keep that in mind before making a decision or getting estimates of how much it will cost. If you have a gold ring then you should also consider the current gold price UK

Does your ring have any intricate settings? 

When you get your ring resized, you will need to be extra careful if it has a complicated setting. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could break the way the setting is attached to the band. 

If you want your ring to look as good as new, you should have it resized by a professional. They will know how to change the size of your ring without hurting the setting. 

Do you need to resize a lot or just a little? 

If you only need to make a small change to the size of your ring, it will cost less. The price also depends on how big the diamond is and what kind of metal it is set in. For instance, white gold is cheaper than rose or yellow gold. Also, a platinum ring costs more than rings made of other metals. 


The same is true for diamonds. Some types, like moissanite, which is a man-made stone that looks like a diamond, are more common and therefore cheaper, while others, like pink sapphires and black spinels, are rarer and more expensive

How much do you care about keeping your ring’s original look? 

If you aren’t very sentimental, this question is easy to answer. If your partner gave you the ring and it’s just a little bit too small, but they’ll understand when they see it, you can resize it. But if that’s not the case, ask yourself how much you value what he or she did give (or meant) by giving it to you in the first place. 

Do they want an honest portrayal of how they feel? And what would happen if it hurt them to find out that something had been changed from how it was originally? 

Will resizing disrupt any patterns on the band? 

If your ring band has a diamond, swirl, or other design, you should find a jeweler who specializes in resizing rings with designs. This is because changing the size of the ring could mess up the pattern, which could lower its value. 

If you want to sell your ring and want any patterns to stay the same, you might want to leave it at the size it is now. This can also help if you don’t know what size ring fits best, because the buyer can try on all different sizes of rings while shopping until they find one that fits perfectly. 

Can you afford it? 

Before you change the size of your rings, you should think about how much they cost and how often you wear them. Rings that need to be resized may cost more than new ones and will probably need to be taken to a jeweler more than once. 

If you want a cheaper option that works just as well as a new ring, you might think about getting your old one fixed instead of buying a whole new one. Also, if your current ring fits perfectly but is too small or too big to be comfortable, you could wear it on a different finger until you can get it resized. 

Even though downsizing can feel like an investment in yourself (and sometimes is an investment), keep in mind that this process shouldn’t come before saving for retirement or paying off student loans. 

Use this guide as a starting point to decide if it makes sense to resize your ring based on how much it costs and how often you wear it. Make a decision about resizing your ring today based on how much it costs and how often you wear it. 


The process of ring resizing can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. By thinking about these things, you can make sure your ring is the right size and will look great when it gets back to you.

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