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A high GMAT score is the first step in securing a place in one’s targeted B-Schools. The market for examination prep is such that a surplus of learning resources is available not just for the GMAT but for every competitive exam. Not all of these resources can be trusted, and so it is critical for students to not waste precious time and effort on these bogus claims. An EdTech company like Experts’ Global has valid credentials that testify to the success of its training program. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, Experts’ Global is an elite, trustworthy name in the GMAT prep domain. Here are some of the program’s highlights:

Replication of GMAT Structures
Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep is unique because it reproduces the GMAT structure with an accuracy unlike any other firm in the sector. Experts’ Global has created a question bank running in thousands, all of which are formulated as per the GMAT. The firm has also invested heavily in the development of a testing screen that reproduces the GMAT’s. The testing screen has a similar full-screen layout with identical controls and graphics. This may seem a minor point, but it is actually very significant in the long run as it allows students to familiarize themselves with the GMAT set-up. Another factor which truly makes Experts’ Global stand out is its scoring. The scoring on the company’s mocks approximates that of the GMAT’s with precision. More than 500 students attest to this fact in reporting that their Experts’ Global mocks’ scores were close to those on their GMAT prep mocks.

Mock Tests
Fifteen full-length GMAT mock tests are included in Experts’ Global’s GMAT training package. The company’s approach behind these mock tests is building regularity in preparation. Regularity is essential because it is the only way students can maintain their mental stamina and identify test-taking strategies that work for them.

Video Resources for Prep
At the core of Experts’ Global’s GMAT training program is a series of video lectures on all aspects of the GMAT syllabus. The syllabus has been divided into 100 modules for convenience; a corresponding video has been produced to explicate each one. filmefy  Any given video lecture limits itself to just one concept, making it easier for students to process and retain. Rest assured, the lectures are not short in information or detail, with each concept being explained thoroughly. Explanation videos are also provided for the solutions to each of their practice exercises and mock tests’ questions. Here, the solutions are explained briskly, allowing the student to build speed and accuracy. Such prodigious use of instructional videos is what sets apart Experts’ Global.

Performance Analytics
Experts’ Global’s advanced analytics software provides scores for each section in addition to the overall score for each mock. It also monitors the student’s speed in answering different question types. The analytics take into account the student’s performance on the most recent mock tests they attempt to earmark areas for improvement. These figures and statistics are important in terms of how the student plans their prep and provides them an edge that manual checking or just final scoring cannot.

Extra Features
Experts’ Global’s program also includes some additional and surprisingly useful features. An example is the “sticky notes” feature which allows one to jot down notes in small, colored pop-ups while studying a module or taking a test. These can then be “pasted” on the “wall”. What this means is that a student need not search through the module to find their notes again, they are easily accessed from the wall. The convenience of collating one’s notes in a single location prevents time-waste and frustration. Another example is the “flag button”. It is used to “flag” or mark questions that the system can pull up as per the student’s need. Thus, students can easily revisit questions as per their convenience without having to hunt through all the exercises for the said questions. The time and effort saved by these features might seem negligible at a glance but this adds up through the course of the prep, bringing elements of regularity, organization, and flow. The name of the game for Experts’ Global is attention to detail.thedocweb

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program, by means of its GMAT-like question bank, comprehensive concept clarity, and end-to-end approach, is truly effective. When followed with exactness, it is sure to empower any student to ace the GMAT!

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