Dealing with court orders and postponed court dates

A divorce process is something that the affected parties want to resolve as quickly as possible, but unfortunately,  many courts were at a standstill. 

During the crisis, families in marital discord were living in anxiety, stress, fear and emotional turmoil as divorce procedures have been affected by postponed court dates and it has become trickier to observe court orders. So, here are the areas you need to consider.

Safety First

The primary concern for a family living together and undergoing divorce proceedings is their safety and health. This means preventing your children and spouse from the physical and mental effects of coronavirus and divorce.

For coronavirus, embrace the given health guidelines, and to avoid a toxic environment, by having the divorcing couple in separate rooms in the house. This creates an opportunity for a person to spend time alone, and it reduces unwelcome arguments. But, it doesn’t mean ignoring your spouse, making an effort to work together will greatly benefit your kids, daily life, negotiations, and long-term decision making.

In the case of physical abuse or domestic violence, it’s advisable to ask for protection orders to preserve your well-being and safety. You may share your article on forexinghub and thehomeinfo. So that, your website rank on Google as well and get more information from worldtravelplace and worldupdate

Think about finances

The economic instability brought about by COVID-19 has left many people in financial distress. The courts rely on both parties’ income figures to determine child and spousal support. The division of assets may also come to a standstill since most of it is tied up in business interests, investments, and retirement accounts.  

Virtually everyone’s finances have significantly been affected, with debts being negotiated and the value of properties shrinking. 

Enlist experts to create the best divorce settlement regardless of the coronavirus situation and outcome. Look for tax planning and rebalancing opportunities. Keep a tab on your spouse’s finances and spending.  

Find out a separate property and marital property. Separate property includes anything acquired before marriage like gifts or inheritance, and it’s not subject to couple asset division.

Speak to your divorce attorney on the potential of hidden assets and let them uncover them during the divorce process. In case you feel the effects on the economy will affect your financial settlement, you may renegotiate for a future date to divide the assets.

Take care of your mental Health

Marriages end due to various reasons, some more dramatic and emotional than others, but all endings can easily become stress triggers. Reasons like domestic abuse, infidelity, and desertion lead to innocent parties dealing with pain which can easily give rise to psychological distress. 

Additionally, given the stressful COVID situation, stress is compounded, creating dangerous effects on your physical and mental health. This can easily trigger full-blown depression. 

To overcome this, engage in different activities that may help to mitigate the situation. Such activities include:

  • Finding social support

The most challenging obstacles of coronavirus were social isolation, curtailed social lives, anxiety, and fear of the future. Embrace online social support networks, Skype and Zoom your friends and family members, join different divorce groups online, or attend virtual therapy sessions for informational and instrumental support. Social support encourages healthy behaviors and choices, ways of coping with stress, and improves motivation.

  • Embrace exercising

Exercising improves a person’s well-being during difficult situations. Exercising helps to trigger endorphins, chemicals that stabilize and improves the overall mood of an individual.

During the divorce process, emotions run high, and things can get pretty tense, leading to high levels of stress.  

While getting a good therapist, talking to your counselor or trusted friend may help you to vent, exercising releases endorphin chemicals, thus reducing stress levels. Controlling your stress levels means sleeping better, feeling energetic, and improving your concentration levels.

Physical activities push you to stay healthy by controlling your appetite and allowing your body to burn extra calories. During coronavirus, and divorce issues, food and alcohol may become your comforter. But, exercising regularly will push you to embrace a proper diet, keeping you feeling more energetic, healthier, and more focused on scaling the obstacles coming your way.

Keep Tab of your Legal Proceedings

With postponed divorce dates and orders, the divorce situations were becoming trickier. Most of the divorce attorneys have opted for remote services making communication easier via email, phone, or video calls.

Reaching a divorce agreement during this period will make the process simpler. 

You can file a motion with your lawyers for any charges on court orders like the reduction of financial payments or visitation rights. Avoid dropping your responsibility or disobeying court orders like reducing spousal payment amount, to avoid interest, penalties, and being ruled in arrears.


The uncertainty of your divorce proceedings, and shaky future may become a recipe for physical and emotional turmoil but we can increase the sense of control and stability by following the above suggestions.  Reassess your financial security, settlement proposals, and revisit your divorce goals. Breathe and embrace patience to maximize the safety and health of yourself and your loved ones.

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