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Choosing Jewelry For an Ivory Wedding Dress

If you are wearing an ivory wedding dress, jewelry should be simple and inexpensive. Pearl products are an affordable option, and you can wear many different styles and sizes of pearl earrings and bracelets. Choosing earrings that match your ivory dress will make you look elegant and regal, and you will be able to show off your unique style. Rhinestones are another great option, and they will add sparkle to your ivory dress while being well within your budget.

Ivory wedding dress

To complement your ivory wedding dress, consider the color of the gown. For example, if the dress is ivory, you can use yellow gold. The color of the ivory wedding dress will be reflected by the jewelry, so gold is a safe bet. The type of pearl you choose will affect the price, as they are not always inexpensive. The type of jewelry you choose will also determine the style of the gown. Once you’ve decided on the color, then select the type of pearl that will best complement your ivory gown.


The most important thing to remember when choosing jewelry for an ivory wedding dress is to choose a color that matches the tone of the dress. Although you can use a gold ring or bracelet, you should avoid a silver ring. Instead, opt for a silver or platinum necklace. When buying your pearls, make sure they match the rest of the dress, and keep in mind that some jewelry will match the other colors and styles of your gown.

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