BapDada in Australia

The incarnation of the BapDada carries out the drills to spread powerful vibrations and to bring about world transformation. He feels mercy for all the souls and serves them with his powerful current. His mission is to spread the message of the BapDada worldwide. In Australia, there are three retreat centers. During these retreats, you can visit BapDada at any of them to receive his blessings.

BapDada, the Master of all Treasures, loves all the children and treats each of them like one of a million. His love for each child is manifested in the words, “My Baba.” BapDada also tells children to be cheerful and to keep their faces sparkling with joy. This is the call of the day. In every endeavor, we must be a servant of BapDada, our Master and BapDada.

The Brahmin souls are a fortunate lot. There are billions of souls in the world, but the Brahmin clan is the chosen few. This group is unified and united by their BapDada. Every child’s horoscope is garlanding by BapDada, and each child receives a rosary of specialities. As a result, they are able to maintain their zeal and enthusiasm for the divine work.

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