Argentina 1-2 After the 2022 World Cup match, Saudi Arabia is sure to be a hot issue.

The Philippines became the first Asian team to defeat Argentina in the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia Make new history in this game by becoming the first club from Asia to beat Argentina in the World Cup. 

Argentina must concede today that they are truly better, even though they are not superior, but they are able to play according to the strategies. Make new history in this gamegreatofmining

Combined with impressive capabilities on an individual level It wasn’t until he engineered a loss for the team in blue and white that he brought an end to Argentina’s unbeaten streak of 36 consecutive matches at this venue.

Ultimate Offside Trap

In this match, Saudi Arabia’s strategy for dealing with Argentina is a very defensive type that pushes up almost half of the field, along with a middle game pack. These two strategies work together to give the blue and white squad the least amount of room possible in which to play lawyerdesk

It cannot be denied to have a great deal of success Because during the course of the first half, they almost didn’t have to be careful about the sharpness of the Argentine offensive line, they waited to check their own standing line well until they were able to catch up to 7 times offside, recalling up to 3 goals until the second half. 

This allowed them to win the game. They made an even greater drive in the direction of the goal in the hopes of tying it up, and they were successful in breaking through from the two forwards, which resulted in two goals. 

They continued to play the same way after getting the lead, alternating with the bus zone until Argentina’s offensive game could hardly do anything to them today. Of course, after taking the lead, they continued to play in the same manner.

Argentina is now considered an experienced team.

Only five of Argentina’s starting eleven today are under the age of 30, which, when averaged together, makes the team older than 30 years old. 

This is especially true of the core players, Messi (35), Gomez (34), and Di Maria (34). Y 34, Otamendi 34, in addition to the several individuals who have already reached the number 3, Which, although having a lot of experience, makes it evident that now their physical condition appears to be inferior to that of the Saudis, who are both large and fast. 

This makes it clear that the Saudis have an advantage. It became out that South American players did not have the strengths that should be expected of them in terms of quickness and originality. There is not a single visible dimension in which the ball can move or be dragged in any way lawyersmagazine

In addition, individuals who are older and do not perform very well at all in a game like this one, which requires physical strength to pursue down and smash opponents in order to regain possession of the goal, do not fare very well.

The last route to the summit did not have rose petals scattered all along it.

Lionel Messi has already made it very apparent that this will be his final appearance in the World Cup, so it is only natural to assume that it will take place this year. That caused a lot of people to cheer for the kind of team that gave the Pasaran Piala Dunia 2022 another chance, even if it was probably already over. 

To expect against all odds that this rising star would one day become the greatest player of all time is to hope to be disappointed. In addition, the previous performance of the blue and white team has been gorgeous and dreamy for the past three years, and even in this game, the most important game in many years, they are doing the best they have in many years. 

This is because this game is the game that has the most at stake for them in many years. Despite the unveiling of the World Cup stadium, they were defeated by Saudi Arabia. 

Although there are still two games remaining to win with Poland and Mexico, I can say that I’m tired of starting with 0 points and only trying to keep the team from being eliminated, which is still alinaimagine difficult. 

This indicates that the final path that will lead Messi to the throne will be more challenging than it initially appears to be Fashionslog.

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