Most of us can agree on one universal truth: accidents happen. You may need to handle a problem that demands sensitive and cautious attention, such as cleaning up chemicals and body fluids, whether at home or at work. Blood is one of the most potentially dangerous fluids to clean up. There’s no other cleaning service which can handle blood better than a blood spill cleanup service, so don’t hesitate to immediately turn to one in your area.

What makes blood such a biohazard? When in direct contact with human blood and its components, a person can be exposed to a variety of blood borne viruses, including HIV, MRSA Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other diseases.

Each case of blood spill and degree of contamination is unique. Depending on these factors you can say if you require professional blood spill cleanup service urgently or you can handle the problem yourself. If a blood spill is larger than a dinner plate in diameter, you will definitely need a blood spill cleanup service to do sanitising and cleaning work.

Clean up blood on a hard surface with these ten steps:

  1. Prepare the necessary safety gear: gloves are a must, and you may wish to consider a gown and eye protection in case of splashes. People who provide blood spill cleanup service wear protective goggles. Make sure the protective gear fits properly, isn’t torn or damaged.
  2. Remove shattered glass or other sharp fragments that might break through your protective gear with a brush and dustpan or tongs/forceps. Place each piece in a special container that won’t leak. On no account should you remove these things by hand.
  3. To absorb up as much blood as possible, blood spill cleanup service staff cover the spill with sturdy cotton cloths. It’s necessary to spray a registered disinfectant product with a broad spectrum on the surfaces. After 10-15 minutes, cleanse the area with sturdy cotton cloths, working from the outside in toward the center. Place the used towels In the biohazard bag. Professional blood spill cleanup servicenecessarily uses a biohazard bag to dispose of the used towels.
  4. Carefully dispose of your personal protective wear like gloves, gown, and goggles into the plastic bag. This is a wise precautionary step. During this procedure, be sure no other surfaces are compromised. Seal the bag and put it into another bag, which you should then seal and label with a biohazard label. It’s very important for employees handling blood spill cleanup serviceto follow these rules.
  5. Use the disinfectant product to decontaminate any reusable equipment, for instance buckets, dustpans, brooms, etc.
  6. Wash your hands. Your hands should be thoroughly washed with warm water and disinfecting soap. You may also choose to use disinfectant wipes as a supplementary precaution after a thorough cleaning.

Implementing this six-step strategy for cleaning up blood will help ensure your safety. If you have a blood spill that you are unable to remove or that is the consequence of a crime, you should hire a company providing blood spill cleanup service to help you thoroughly clean the area.

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