5 Ways Custom Product Packaging Helps Your Brand Stand Out on Retail Shelves

Within today’s society, it is quite evident that there is constant competition in the retail landscape. In saying that, there has never been more of a better business tool to invest in than custom product packaging.

Custom packaging is the boxing of products that are uniquely tailored to suit a business and the certain product they are producing for their customers. Its main aim is to hold the product entirely whilst protecting it in a more preferable way as compared to the general standard packaging available.

Creating custom packaging can take a lot of time and effort. Packaging needs to go through design, prototype and testing to ensure that the custom packaging works as it is intended for.

Product packaging plays a significant role within a business. Without the use of fun and unique packaging, businesses may have a difficult time emerging from their competition both online and on the shelves. Unique branding elements such as logos, images, shapes or text can be added to ensure that customised packaging remains true to the brand and its vision. Here are a few benefits of how custom product packaging can help your brand stand out:

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1. Helps strengthen your brand’s identity

Custom product packaging adds to creating your brand’s identity. When producing your brand’s identity, you are implementing your brand’s values into visual elements that can help promote your business.

Long gone are the days when one of the only ways that businesses could raise awareness of their products and brand was through newspapers and television advertisements. It is now that simple and easy for customers to recognise a brand from its packaging.

One of the first interactions that customers can have with a brand is through their own product’s packaging. Most customers will want to purchase or try out a new product on the market because the packaging has caught their attention. Custom packaging can really influence a solid emotional connection between the customer and the brand, which ultimately can result in long term customers and success for the business.

2. Enhances customer user experience

Enhancing your customer’s user experience is a very efficient way of making your brand and products stand out from your competitors. A positive user experience will help your customers differentiate your products from other similar ones on the market.

For businesses online, customer user experience goes far beyond the checkout procedures. It also is incorporated through customers receiving their orders. The state of the packaging, the products themselves, and how they are laid out can influence the user experience of your customers. Superior products along with excellent packaging can allow you to seek long-lasting loyal clients.

3. Reinforces your marketing strategy

The saying “first impressions last” is now more evident within the online space. A product’s packaging is one of the crucial factors that can affect buying behaviours and decisions. Packaging is the first thing that encapsulates the attention of buyers when scrolling through an online store or browsing through traditional store aisles. Custom packaging can help create the right first impression as soon as a customer views your product.

In this post-pandemic world, a majority of individuals undertake their virtual shopping on the Instagram platform. Custom packaging makes it easier to produce attractive visuals to post on social media. ‘Insta-worthy’ packaging can influence your targeted customers to stop scrolling through their feed when they come across your post and motivate them to learn more about your products. As a result, your brand can attain more social shares online and word of mouth throughout the community.

4. Can communicate value to your customers

Custom product packaging helps visually communicate what your brand stands for to your customers. Customers are more willing to purchase a product from a business that offers the same values that they have.

For instance, customers that are more conscious of their environmental footprint may look to brands that partake in the same environmental initiatives. Custom product packaging is well worth investing in as you can connect your brand with such values by implementing eco-friendly alternatives. Not only will you be able to create packaging that looks good, but it will also be better for the environment.

5. Create bespoke graphics tailored to your brand image

When creating custom packaging, it is essential that you take into account the colour, size and design of the packaging. Try choosing attractive and unique colours that will be able to stand out amongst your competitors. The material you use will need to suit the design and products that you have in mind. Also, be cautious of the type of shape and size when selecting your custom packaging. You should carefully measure your products to ensure that you choose a suitable box size. Doing so will save you money and wastage in the end.

Stand out today and implement custom product packaging in your business!

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