4 Signs That You Need to Arrange For Professional Mold Testing Port St Lucie FL Now

Friends recently had their homes tested for mold. The results were surprising. Now you’re wondering if mold may be in your home. The fact is there may already be signs, but you haven’t paid any real attention to them. If any of the following is happening, you would do well to contact a local service and arrange for mold testing Port St Lucie FL as soon as possible.

More Frequent Headaches

While headaches are not unusual, they seem to be happening more often the last couple of months. In fact, they’re getting more intense and tend to take longer to go away. Since nothing has changed in the way of where you go or what you do, it’s difficult to identify why you’re having the headaches.

Instead of continuing to take pain relievers, consider the idea that the headaches may have to do with mold exposure. If so, having the home tested and then treated to remove the mold will also make those headaches go away. That alone is reason enough to have the place tested.

And Your Nose is Stuffy a Lot of the Time

You also notice that your nose is stuffy a lot of the time. In fact, it seems as if the nasal congestion is worse when you’re at home. While at work, it seems to ease off and you feel a lot better by the end of the day. When you wake up the next morning, the congestion is back.

Mold exposure can definitely lead to congestion. Have the home tested and if there is any mold present, have it removed at once. You should notice that the stuffiness begins to subside in no time.

There’s an Odor That Won’t Go Away

No matter how much cleaning you do, there’s an odor that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Even after steam cleaning the carpeting and having the window treatments professionally cleaned, the odor still lingers. You’re not sure what to try next.

Arranging for mold testing Port St Lucie FL may be your solution. If the tests confirm there is mold in the house, especially in the duct system that forces cold air into each room, then the origin of the odor is obvious. It will finally go away as soon as the mold is no longer present.

And You Have Trouble Sleeping

Occasional sleep issues are one thing. Finding that you can’t sleep soundly night after night is another issue. Did you know that mold exposure can be the reason why you never quite reach the deep sleep that your mind and body need to function properly?

Have the home tested and find out if there is mold anywhere in the house. Assuming the tests do find mold, arrange for a remediation as soon as you can. Once the mold is gone, you should be able to sleep soundly once more.

Keep in mind that all of the health issues associated with mold exposure are also signs of other health problems. Opting for mold testing will tell you if there is a problem and allows you to take action before things can get worse. If your symptoms do go away in the days following the test and remediation, that’s great. If not, knowing mold is not the problem will help your doctor come up with the reason and a solution with greater ease.

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